Muslim Brotherhood Supported by Western Policies, Might Responsible For Violence Against Coptic Christians

By Press Release, Coptic Solidarity, Crossmap On August 17, 2013

Coptic Solidarity is gravely concerned that continued Western support for the Muslim Brotherhood is directly responsible for the violent tactics they are now using against Coptic Christians and transitional authorities. The months following Mubarak’s ouster prove that the Western cliché claiming the Muslim Brotherhood has renounced violence is unequivocally false.

The transitional government moved to break up several pro-Morsi sit-ins on August 14th. Although depicted as peaceful political demonstrations by Western media, these protestors have been amassing weapons to perpetrate attacks against anti-Morsi individuals. Documentation also proves these protestors have kidnapped, tortured, and killed Egyptians merely for their political beliefs and religious affiliations.

The coordinated and near immediate violence led countrywide by the Muslim Brotherhood and Gamaa Islamya militias, shows that peaceful sit-ins have been a charade and that the violence was pre-planned. This violence is unprecedented in modern Egyptian history.

Latest reports indicate that 62 Christian establishments have been attacked, ransacked, and/or set ablaze. This includes churches, monasteries, schools and charities, from Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical traditions. Additionally, hundreds of Copts-owned businesses, homes, and cars have been destroyed. An accurate accounting of deaths and injuries is not yet available. Forty-three police officers were killed, mostly defending police centers attacked by Islamists. In Kirdasa, Gizeh, nine officers’ bodies were discovered horribly mutilated.

This violence follows increasing attacks against Copts in recent months. Since Morsi was deposed, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and Salafist leaders have called on jihadists to come to Egypt to repossess the government. These leaders and the Islamist street mobs are exacting retribution on Copts for participating in the June 30th demonstrations like millions of their Muslim compatriots.

Overt efforts are being made to intimidate and threaten the Coptic community. Jihadists raised the Al-Qaeda flag over churches, including the St. George Church in Sohag. Graffiti disparaging Christians has been painted throughout the country. Islamists have distributed flyers threatening Christians. Hundreds of Christians have fled their homes, especially in the Sinai where there is virtually no protection from jihadists. Intentions of cleansing Egypt of its Christians are no more hidden.

There has been a rash of violent attacks against Copts. In July, Coptic priest Mina Sharubim was gunned down in North Sinai. Christian businessman, Magdy Lamay Habib, was found decapitated in the Sinai. Jessica Boulous, a young Coptic girl was recently gunned down in Cairo while returning home from a Bible class.

Coptic Solidarity President, Adel Guindy, states, “It is imperative that Egyptian authorities provide immediate protection to Copts and their establishments. Western governments need to condemn this Muslim Brotherhood -perpetrated violence and finally distance themselves from terrorism. The Egyptian people are closely watching to see if the US and EU will support true democracy and human rights, or continue in their misguided policies of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Coptic Solidarity is non-profit organization dedicated to leading efforts to achieve equal citizenship for the Copts in Egypt. For information, contact Lindsay 801-512-1713, Hal 240-644-5153



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3 replies

  1. Any western support for the Muslim Brotherhood is a mistake! I am in total agreement with what the Egyptian military has undertaken. Morsi would have taken the nascent democracy and destroyed it after the Brotherhood had solidified and consolidated power. As to the premise that westerners are responsible for the attacks against the Copts, that is ridiculous. The onus is on the Brotherhood for their particular behavior. The west has not told them to do what they have done. Stop deflecting the blame.

  2. Not matter where it comes from, it is specious. The Coptic view may stem from their belief that the US is backing the Brotherhood. However, my statement that the Brotherhood, alone, is responsible for their own behavior is the relevant issue.

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