Message of Peace from the Islamic Group, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK


From left, the regional Imam, Dr Mubarak Basra, Andrew Smith MP, the London Imam Dr Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Dr Hojjat Ramzy and the president of the Oxford branch of the association Dr Munawar Ahmed with Lord Mayor of Oxford Dee Sinclair

ISLAMIC group Ahmadiyya Muslim Association has taken to city buses to spread its message of peace and to mark its 100th anniversary.

Adverts on the side of 25 buses in Oxford have messages which read ‘100 Years of Promoting Peace in the UK’ and ‘Love for All Hatred for None’.

Dr Munawar Ahmed, president of the Oxford branch, said: “Our policy is to give the true message of Islam. With all the activity done by extremists and suicide bombers, it is giving the wrong message.

The adverts remain on the buses for the next four weeks.

Dr Ahmed also said the group was handing out leaflets across the city to spread the message.

Oxford East MP Andrew Smith, who was at the unveiling on Tuesday, said: “It’s great that they are promoting understanding and tolerance.”

3 replies

  1. Good job by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association -UK. Islam’s message of Peace and love for humanity must be spread all over the world.

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