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  1. A good effort by BBC but not the ultimate one taking views from so called scholars but not taking views from the reformer of the age who was profisised by Prophet Mohammede himsel that a Mehdi will come to reform Islam and to clear all false practices took place in the last 1400 hundred years.

  2. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    To know the life of prophet Muhammad pbuh I urge young Muslim to read Al Quran,
    If you read other book of the life of prophet will be deceived you. Why? Because that books were crested by men men cannot be trusted. There are many version of the life of prophet. Which one is true?

    So those who believe in beside Al Quran ( hadith, other books) will be deceived and go astray and then to Hell.
    As we see the extremist Isis, Taliban, Al Qaida and other extremist groups have been punished by God and go to Hell.

    All ❤️

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