A Moustache To Die For: Pakistan Islamic Extremists Threatens Man For Sporting Luxuriant Facial Hair

Source: ibtimes.com

Malik Amir Mohammad Khan Afridi

A Pakistani businessman named Malik Amir Mohammad Khan Afridi, 48, who has an extraordinarily luxuriant moustache, has lived under a cloud of death threats from Islamic extremists over what they perceive to be his disregard for the demands of modesty among devout Muslims. Afridi’s moustache — which measures an impressive 30 inches in length, lovingly and impeccably trimmed – has led enraged Taliban and other extremists like member of the Lashkar-e-Islam to kidnap him, extort money from him, displace him from his family, and even call for his death.

But not even the fear of meeting his maker has compelled Afridi from trimming his fabulous follicles. Indeed, according to a report from Agence France-Presse, he indulges himself half-an-hour every day to wash, comb, oil and twirl his moustache and guarantees that its ends curl up flamboyantly. ”People give me a lot of respect. [The moustache is] my identity,” the grandfather told AFP. ”I feel happy. When it’s ordinary, no one gives me any attention. I got used to all the attention and I like it a lot.”

But the constant wave of death threats forced Afridi to relocate from the fundamentalist-dominated northwest region of Pakistan to …continue reading at ibtimes.com

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