Women promote mosques ‘for all’ in Britain

Source: Morocco world news:

Women promote mosques ‘for all’ in Britain

London, August 9, 2013 (AFP)

In the damp basement room of a Caribbean restaurant in London, Naima leads prayers for an audience of male and female worshippers.

They face Mecca, directed by an arrow scrawled on a blackboard in pink chalk.

But Naima — she did not want to give her full name — had just begun the Al-Fatiha when a young woman got up and hurried out of the room in Camden in the north of the British capital.

As if on cue, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” by punk band The Clash was playing in the restaurant.

Leila Bakkioui, 25, clad in a headscarf, admitted she was reeling.

“I went downstairs to pray and a sister led the prayer,” she explained breathlessly to her friend Tana Rasekh, who was waiting for her in the restaurant.



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2 replies

  1. It looks almost mockery of this beautiful religion.What Ms Bakkioui said sounds logical. “What you saw is not Islam. It’s corrupt,” she told AFP.
    “Women can’t lead if there are men in the room. And they stay behind. When you pray you bend down and you don’t want to think ‘he is looking at my bottom’! It’s the last thing you want to think about.”

  2. I think many men who rarely attend prayers, can be irresistibly turned up for this kind of congregation where a woman is leading the prayers. But of course there would be no prayers at all from them, something else!!!!

    And I am really doubtful whether they would ever prostrate when she will be prostrating, there very objective and effort would be in vain?

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