Onwards to the Caliphate through Global Jihad.

Source: ET

For, we too are floating about merrily, unaware that we are plumb in the sights of a dangerous, most fearful, and cruel enemy who would not think twice about cutting men, women and children’s heads off with a blunt knife (to cause the most pain) in his quest for complete control of the Citadel of Islam. And thence onwards to the Caliphate through Global Jihad.

And here we are, bringing out Eid fashion lines; putting up billboards with pretty young models showing off the latest in shoes, and handsome men sporting the latest waistcoats with gilded buttons; and advertising flights to some delightful Eden or other on one of the seven airlines that condescend to fly into one of our airports.


Categories: Asia, Pakistan

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  1. Mr KS since long very amicably you are raising the issues and very loudly crying but all is proving “BHAINS KAY AAGAY BEEN” Have you ever realised why it is so? I tell you the whole body of nation has so much been infested that even small surgery will also not cure it. Now a very big surgery is required. Do you have qualified and appropriate surgeon to undertake this surgery? To me in current lot not at all. So keep on playing your “BEEN” No light at the end of the tunnel. it is not a disappointment but acceptance of hard truth and reality on ground.

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