Author on militant Islam is Manning trial witness

Source: TOI

MARYLAND(US): Prosecutors of Bradley Manning trial have approached experts on militant Islam for showing Manning damaged US interests by disclosing classified information through WikiLeaks.

Navy Cmdr. Youssef Aboul-Enein is set to testify on Thursday at Manning’s sentencing hearing at Fort Meade, near Baltimore.


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  1. “He argued that winning the war against militant Islamists requires a nuanced understanding of their ideology”
    These so called experts on Islam may say what ever they feel like but can not deny the fact unless true teachings of Islam are accepted and acted nothing will be achieved. Imam Mahdi and promised Messiah as prophesied by the great prophet of Islam Muhammad (saw) has already appeared in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)of Qadian India. He founded his community Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. After his death through successive supreme heads of the community real teachings of Islam are being spread all around the globe. Big powers like USA, UK and whole Europe have already accepted the moderate and tolerant Islamic teachings presented by Ahmadiyya current sujpreme head Mirza Masroor Ahmad. So instead of taking view points from such so called Islamic experts better get the ideology presented by Ahmadiyya Muslim if problems pertaining to Islam have to resolved.

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