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  1. Please ignore the abusive language used for the Promised Messiah. This is reflection of those, who write such news items. It is however clear that Jamaat is progressing well and Mullahs are unable to stop it. They will become even more abusive with time so that Allah can complete His command and eradicate them.

  2. We all expect that Allah Ta’ala’s favoured ones will always be envied! The greater the hatred the greater will be our love to foster the cause of true Peace and Submission to the Will of Allah.
    We can only pray for our oppressors.
    Eid Mubarak to the staff at the Muslim Times and everyone.

  3. See the messenger before you see the message. One should understand about the back ground of Daily Ummat Karchi. It is patronised by a religious/political party known for extremist and biased views for any muslim communitee in Pakistan.

  4. True it takes a pretty biased view of the community but all it does in the end is to strengthen the impression that Jamaat is making a strong headway in the heart of Wahabi Islam.
    Sorry for friends unable to read Urdu. It is actually quite tiring to translate all the fabricated news item. Will try to do a summary. Travelling through Philippines nowadays.

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