Saudi King paid 1$ billion to help army remove Morsi Saudi political activist, known as Mujtahidd, has revealed that Al Saud government has helped Egyptian defense minister with one billion dollars to topple former president Mohamed Morsi.

Mujtahid who has gathered lots of attention for his Twitter campaign against Saudi government, said in his latest tweets that Commander-in-Chief of Egyptian armed forces General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who is also country’s defense minister, received a one billion dollar aid from Saudi Arabia for removing Morsi from power on July 3.

Mujtahid wrote Saudi government is now very much concerned that Sisi has failed to establish the new setting in Egypt successfully, as millions of Morsi supporters continue their week-long protests throughout Egypt calling for his return.

“King Abdullah knows well that failure of the coup in Egypt will be a disaster for Al Saud because any new government will be stronger and will adopt anti-Saudi Arabia policies,” he wrote.

He added, “That is why King Abdullah is one of the supporters of unlimited use of force in cracking down protesters, even if it leads to killing of thousands and even tens of thousands of people”.

“King Abdullah not only supported the coup and tried to convince others to accept new changes, he also helped Sisi not to worry about his most important concerns,” Mujtahid said.



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