House to scrutinize Military commander Moeldoko over harassment of Ahmadis

The Jakarta Post:

Members of the House of Representatives Commission I overseeing defense will question Army chief of staff Gen. Moeldoko, the sole candidate to replace retiring Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Adm. Agus Suhartono, over his alleged involvement in what could be deemed as harassment against Ahmadis in West Java in 2011.

Although Moeldoko will most likely get an endorsement from most lawmakers. Commission I lawmakers said that it was important to bring up the allegation during a fit-and-proper test slated for Aug. 20.

“[It’s important to highlight the issue] since he has been under the spotlight for his alleged involvement in assisting the West Java Governor Akhmad Heryawan to carry out Operasi Sajadah (Prayer Mat Operation) that aimed to kick Ahmadis out of West Java in 2011,” Commission I deputy chairman Tubagus Hasanuddin said on Wednesday.

In 2011 Firdaus Mubarik, a spokesman for the Indonesia Ahmadiyah Congregation, said he had received reports from Ahmadis across West Java that police and military officers had visited their homes asking them to sign sworn statements renouncing their fiath.

Moeldoko was said to have been responsible for assisting the West Java administration to force the Ahmadis — who have been deemed heretical — to return to the “right path” of Islam following the attacks against Ahmadis in Cikeusik, Banten, in February 2011.

At the time, he was commander of the Siliwangi Regional Command, in charge of a military operation tasked to encourage Sunni Muslims in the province to occupy mosques ran by the persecuted Ahmadis during the Sajadah Operation.



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