Opinions: What really breaks Syria – “The U.S. slaughtered the wrong pig”

By Dr. Jürgen Todenhöfer

The U.S. slaughtered the wrong pig.

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Six times I visited Syria in the last two years, a completely desperete country completely. Much reminded me of my travels in early 2002 and 2003 to the by then pre-war Iraq. Even then I was shocked by the falsehoods that Western politicians spread across the world. And the hopelessness of the people.

The United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it is primarily not about Syria, but about Iran. Iran has become strong through the foolish Iraq war, initiated by George W. Bush. By the fall of the Assad regime, allied with Tehran they want to weaken Iran’s hegemony in the Middle East.

This strategy breaks Syria and its model of society in which different ethnic groups and religions lived together in admirable tolerance.

Although unfortunately it was not democratic.

At the same time the war is strengthening Al Qaeda. 15 000 rebels are fighting for the Syrian branch of Al-Nusra. A third of them are foreign jihadists. Al-Nusra has become the leading force among the rebels and the world’s largest concentration of Al-Qaeda. A tsunami terror is building up.

The danger of a conflagration is obvious. Ten countries are already involved in the conflict. If the Middle East is burning, the lights would go out with us. How can you stop this development? First, you should put aside the propaganda lies, which complicates analysis of the conflict.

First, unlike in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya Syria is not fighting the “people” against an isolated dictator, but a strong opposition against a relatively stable minority government majority in Syria. Assad has in the population at least as much support as the rebels, probably even more. Whether we like it or not.

Second, the nearly 100 000 victims do not go alone to the account of the state security forces. The rebels kill their own people. As a rough estimate, one-third of the dead soldiers and police, a third of rebels, a third of civilians. The Christian Patriarch of Syria told me that the rebels killed civilians even more than the regime. When did Al Qaeda ever taken regard of civilians?

Third, the overwhelming majority of the rebels are no longer fighting for democracy long. They are completely radicalized. Even much of the supposedly moderate “Free Syrian Army” now come for an “Islamic caliphate” a. For a dictatorship of religious fanatics.

In this situation, to provide Western arms to the rebels, is irresponsible. There are no significant “moderate rebels” anymore.

Moreover, the Syrian Al Qaeda become so strong that they can choose the best from all deliveries. Whoever supplies equipment to fight rebels always supports Al Qaeda. The U.S. does that secretly for a long time. The deliveries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Al Qaeda are always happening with their consent, because they underestimated the potential of Al Qaeda in Syria. The United States as a fifth column Al Qaeda – a perversion of every anti-terrorist policy.

The conflict can only be resolved through negotiations. Even with Iran. Choosing Hassan Rohanis as Iranian President is a historic opportunity to overcome the 33-year-old speechlessness between Tehran and Washington. I was several times in recent months and years in Iran. Since 2010, the White House has submitted a comprehensive Iranian proposal for overcoming the conflict. I was not uninvolved in its transmission.

The U.S. must also negotiate with Assad if they want to reverse their terrorist breeding program in Syria. The argument that Assad is politically responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people can be a negotiating obstacle. The U.S. is responsible for the deaths of many more people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Estimates of the “doctors against nuclear death” come to over 1.6 million war victims.

For a “fair peace” Assad would be prepared to make far-reaching concessions. I had the opportunity to discuss it with him for many hours. These “considerations” are now known to the USA in detail.

The most important requirement of a solution to the Syrian node is the stop all money and arms from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Russia and Iran would join. In a cease-fire, the following objectives could be achieved: an equal representation of government and opposition transitional government, a democratic constitution that respects the multicultural character of Syria, a common fight against Al Qaeda and free elections. If the Syrians want a change in their leadership, they just decide. Not the USA.

The U.S. should think who is more dangerous Al Qaeda or Assad. Churchill would say. “They are going to kill the wrong pig”

The author was 1972-1990 CDU member of parliament until 2008, the Board of Burda. Today he is a non-fiction author.

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  1. Well, one question remains: Are the US really so ‘naive’ as to ‘slaughter the wrong pig’? Or do they, for the benefit of Israel, just want to create chaos among Israel’s neighbors?

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