Humanity First shines after Calgary flood devastation

Bringing Communities Closer in Calgary

Humanity First Relief Teams consisting of 70 Volunteers went to Bowness, Erlton, Roxborough Park and Elbow Park communities. Residents in the community of Roxborough were helped to remove furniture personal belongings, carpets, fridges, stoves, bedroom furniture, and anything and everything that was affected by water. There was a lot of damage done.

Volunteers helped in throwing furniture out, collecting garbage, ripping out dry walls, empty out basements and ripping insulation, cleanup the floors, backyard cleaning, removing dirt from outside and relocate, uninstalling of sheds in backyard, removing heavy sports equipment out from basements.
In Calgary, (Province of Alberta, Canada) Rain over the past few weeks has been causing severe flooding in Southern Alberta and parts of Central Alberta. The flooding is causing serious damage to homes, properties and businesses, forcing the evacuation of citizens from a number of communities, including in Calgary. Infrastructure continues to be affected, including multiple road washouts as well as rail line, gas line, telecommunications and power disruptions.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are supporting the flood operations with approximately 1,300 troops, eight helicopters, a military airplane, trucks and other vehicles to assist with evacuation, search and rescue and logistical efforts.

Humanity First has contacted various city departments and emergency services to offer our assistance. Our team met with CEMA (Calgary Emergency Management Agency) a City of Calgary organization.

We have offered the following:

Setup and evacuation center that includes accommodation and food arrangement for 200-300 people.
Provide 100 to 150 volunteers if needed, in towns outside Calgary who can be made available to do any type of work.
Help in collecting food, clothing and other necessities as needed for those centers.
Set up water/coffee and some non-perishable food stall at evacuation centers.
Distribute HF reusable water bottles and toys for kids.
Help in cleaning and other assistance once the evacuees start returning to their homes.

CEMA is very impressed with our offer and will get back to us.

Humanity First has also contacted the City of High River and City of Okotoks to offer assistance. However, the city officials said that they’re unable to accept outside help at this point in time because all roads in and out are closed. They said that they’re doing fine and don’t feel the need for volunteers at this stage.

Humanity First has also contacted city of Canmore, where the officials said that they will need volunteers but don’t know where yet and they will contact us shortly. They told us that they have stocks of food items for now and their water is still drinkable, so they are good at this time.

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