The Syrian conflict

Sunday 30 June 2013

It is a pity that the leadership of both the sects, political and religious, has miserably failed to keep away from the treacherous plots of the Western right-wing lobbies steered by the neocons.

Write-ups in the New York Times and The Washington Post by Daniel Pipes, Lewis Bernard, Charles Krauthammer, “Scooter” Libby and Elliot Abrams have strongly called for a policy to bring the Shiites and Sunnis to a bloody war.

Very recently, Daniel Pipes called for the US and European countries to prolong the Syrian crisis by giving selective help to Assad as well as the Free Syrian Army so that they fight each other to exhaustion. Bernard is on record explaining to policymakers in the US administration not to take Huntington’s theory of the Clash of Civilizations seriously. “They will fight among themselves we have only to watch and wait.”

The two major sects of Islam, as Aijaz maintains, have always remained estranged in various degrees of hatred for each other since the early times.

However, the potential to erupt into a calamity of a serious nature, as is bound to happen unless wisdom prevails, was always there. The neocon and Zionist lobby had only to activate this. The invasion of Iraq was the beginning and God only knows how and where it will end. – Syed Qamar Hasan, Abu Dhabi

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