Saqib Zervi’s “The Lahore” under siege by Mullahs to get “God’s Blessings”


The vigilante siege of an office on Turner Road, where a weekly magazine owned by an Ahmadi family is produced, has not been lifted two months after it began, The Express Tribune has learnt.

Since the siege began, the circulation and publishing of the weekly, The Lahore, has stopped. The anti-Ahmadi activists have not only stopped the magazine’s administration from entering the office, located on the first floor of Galaxy Law Chambers, but also have not let them take away the printed material and furniture from the office.


The men patrol the spot round-the-clock so that nothing can be removed from the premises.

Jamaat-i-Ahmadia Pakistan spokesperson Saleemudin said the siege laid by a group of extremists was part of a campaign against Ahmadis. They had also lodged several false FIRs under the blasphemy law against Ahmadis, he said.

“They forced the magazine’s owners to leave the place and are now stealing their possessions from the office with the connivance of the police,” he said.


3 replies

  1. May Allah almighty protect help and give courage Ahmadies to face these hardships and give wisdom , faith and understanding of real justice to those whome Allah has given power for governing the Pakistan .
    Unfortunately when these cruelties are committed against Ahmadiyya community government and judiciary both Become deaf and dumb as they have heard nothing.
    Lahore weekly is being published since decades with a very bright history. Now it is being victimized under the nose of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif.
    Let us see if he is lion hearted man in helping a minority against mullahs?

  2. I have fond memories of weekly Lahore and Saqib Zervi sahib. I started writing short articles in this weekly with the encouragement of Saqib marhoom. He encouraged many writers like myself to write. My first article on children page was published around 1963. Later on i used to send articles from Karachi which he published gladly. I continued writing for this weekly from Canada and am so sorry to see it besieged by bigoted mullas and hooligans. It was truly “Azad sahafat ka alambardar”. God Amighty protect Yasir Zirvi sahib, and give him the courage to face these tribulations with “sabre ayubi”. Weekly will never die, it will be reborn thousand times. All the best to those who are facing hard times. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them.

  3. This brings back memories from my childhood. Lahore was regularly read at our home with great fervor, we knew how Mr. Zirvi worked single-handedly to bring this magazine out at such a high standard. Alas the bigoted people are losing good things one by one.

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