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  1. Mr Prime Minister, This is because Ahmadis practice the real and true teachings of Islam.

  2. Thanks Prime minister. We are proud that the Great Britian has comparitively more meticuluous, magnificient and magnanimous legal system, rule of law and freedom of religion and expression in the world. Can Pakistani Prime Minister do so or at least make such comments – he will not even if he feels in his heart.

  3. Government of Pakistan or Pakistanies are disbelivers of Ahmadiyyat but world belives in Ahmadiyyat a true islami Community.

  4. Dear Prime Minister

    To recognise the achievements of good of a people or an individual are reflective of the good qualities that are a reflection of the ideals that you subscribe to as well.

    I am heartened by your letter to the Ahmaddiyya community, congratulating the cummunity on occasion of the 100 years of the cummunity in
    the UK.

    I am a member of the cummunity and my teaching is “love for All and hatred for None”, moreover, the love for ones country. I learnt love for my Country (UK), from the ideals and injunctions of the Quran: I learnt that I have a moral & legal duty to my adopted country. I am proud to be British and owe my gratitude and loyalty to this country because I understand that there is a legal & moral contract with the state. This country has provided me a safe environment, with equal rights to live and prosper and I have sacred duty to preserve that peace!

    I thank you and the country to provide a safe haven for all it’s citizens equally.

    May Allah the almighty always keep our country safe from any harm.

    Tahir Ahmed Rana
    North Wales.

  5. I am not Ahmadi but TMT is always in my study 3/4 time in a day. In view of British PM’s remarks in his recent letter explaining his views about the work contributed by Jamaat Ahmadiya in UK is really token of great acknowledgement of the leadership. I see Ahmadiya Community is getting strong influence it the major capitals of the world because of its humbleness, message of world peace and high valued human and social work. I dream my community would get same acknowledgement and respect in the global scenario. I pray to God for it.

  6. My Dear Prime Minister – You will find Ahmadis loyal and peaceful contributors to the national developement, have not and will never engage into any form and manifestation of intolerance, violence and or terrorism, as they practice what they believe – HUBBUL WATN-E-MINIAL IAMAN – the love of country is therein their believe, so you should be also proud you have such community around you to be proud of.

  7. As a non Muslim I applaud the peaceful ethos of the Ahmadiya community. We must work with you to eliminate extremism from Muslims in the UK and worldwide. I know this is hard but one challenge to overcome is that ‘love for all’ must include Israel.

  8. I am Rashidahmad from germany and Allahumdolillah i am ahmadi Muslim and as the preiminster of uk you have send mesassage to all ahmadiyya People in uk and you Say that you that the mesassage of Peace have go,all over the World ever Form us yes we Promis you that it can be Happend insallah

  9. Reply to Jeremy Collis:

    As an Ahmadi, the ethos of “Love for All and Hatred of None” encompass all! To love Allah, is to submit to the Will of Allah, and to love Allah is to love the creation of Allah.

    In any case, the Holy Quran, talks about a section of the House of Isreal who spend most of the night in prayers and Allah is well pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. Allah did not send so many prophets among them to reform them only to abandon them now. Nay! Surely Allah will reform them through the Promised Messiah, as well as the rest of the all people of World.

    Therefore, Ahmadi’s have no room for prejudice for Bani Isreal or any other people.

    We believe that the Prophet of Islam, was a mercy unto mankind, and we are the true followers of the chief of prophets.

    Therefore, no harm shall come to any people from the followers of the deputy of the holy Prophet Mohammad, the cummunity of the Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

    Caliphate, is the continuation of prophethood, to steer the believers in the footsteps of the prophet. Ahmaddiyya cummunity today is the hope of peace to the world today!

    May, Allah empowers us in the spirit of peace to bring peace to all the people’s of the earth and to pull Isreal towards peace, with tolerance and love!

  10. Message is from heart, very comprehensive and true. Logn live UK traditions of justice, fairness and religious freedom.

  11. I’m not Muslim of any variety but a long time admirer of the Ahmadiyya understanding of the faith. Congratulations on your anniversary. I was just reading with dismay of the shoddy treatment of Ahmadiyya Muslims by the paper ‘Luton on Sunday’. That paper could learn from Mr Cameron’s unambiguous praise, and, more so, from the bravery of persecuted Ahmadiyya Muslims across the world.

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