SPEAKING FREELY: Darkness envelops Pakistan

Courtesy-Asia Times Online: By Mahboob A Khawaja

Contemporary Pakistani is divided. Its leaderless population is being exploited by neo-colonial feudal lords looting the people of their socio-economic, moral and political values.

This year’s elections didn’t change a status-quo symbolized by foreign-dictated governance. Nawaz Sharif is the replacement to Asif Ali Zardari, but Sharif was an integral part of Zardari’s regime. 
The nation will pay with torment and suffer the insane rages of egomaniac rulers – the political gangsters that show the “right man” syndrome in its most naked form.

In my book Pakistan: Enigma of Change, in the late 1990s, I envisaged a new beginning led by educated and intelligent leaders from a new generation. Change can only come through men of new ideas, a new visionary leadership of integrity and a public movement for change.

For almost two decades, Pakistan’s capacity for change has been badly fractured as its moral, intellectual and political consciousness were derailed and undermined by the few.

For several decades, military coups and interventions have eroded the moral and intellectual thread of society. Pakistan and its people are the victim of this prolonged, cruel and unending tragedy.

The generals and their accomplices, the so-called feudal politicians live in different worlds – not able to see the urgency for change.

The global community views them with mistrust and discord, not viable entities of the international system. The irrational system of governance propelled by the few does not offer any rational context to political change and reformation unless there is another bloody outburst challenging the insanity with more vigorous form of tragic insanity.

Nobody thinks of Pakistan, its national interests or the interests of the people. More than 40 years have been stolen from the precious lifeline of the nation of Muslim Pakistan; yet, nobody was ever charged with a crime nor punished for their treachery and monstrous actions against the freedom and integrity of the country.


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