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  1. The city of Makkah is today in exactly the same condition as it was at the time of appearance of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. He was oppressed and not allowed to speak. The prophet told every one to say what they liked and to let him say what he wanted to speak.

    The opponents (at that time, the polytheists) said, “We will say what we want. We will not let you say what you wnat to say.”

    The trouble started from there due to the attitude of polytheists. Now, apparantly there are no polytheists. But the theists have taken that role and theists are doing exactly the same thing. There had not been any freedom of speech.

    Due to that the reformists were not allowed to enter the countries. The kings and princes enjoyed themselves and wasted the public money.

    The religious leaders of Arab countries are not well versed in religious matters. If they listen to the Imam of the Ahmadiyah Muslimah Jama’at, the true picture of the religion would become evident, clear to the people.

    Not allowing the Ahmadi teachers into Arab countries will damage the state of Arab rulers and the kingdoms beyond repair. God forbid.

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