Canada Ahmadiyya Mosque on Darul Aloom Karachi Magazine “Alblagh”

Source: Munir Munawwar of Austria and Fuzail Ayaz Ahmad

Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi has a Wikipedia page and I am reproducing the first paragraph from there before the picture, in which they have tried to hijack Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s main mosque in Canada, named Baitul Islam, for the title of their publication.  In Pakistan they will not even allow Ahmadiyya’s mosques be called by the name, ‘Mosque.’

Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi  (Urdu: جامعہ دارالعلوم کراچی‎, Jāmi‘ah-yi Dāru’l-‘Ulūm-i KarāchīArabic: جامعة دار العلوم كراتشي‎, Jāmi‘ah Dār al-‘Ulūm Karātshī) is an Islamic seminary located in Karachi, Pakistan. It continues the tradition of the Darul uloom system initiated by Darul Uloom Deoband. It was started by the late Grand Mufti of Pakistan, Mufti Muhammad Shafi and Maulana Noor Ahmad in 1951.  He was previously associated with Darul Uloom Deoband, where he also served as the Grand Mufti, but moved to Pakistan following the independence in 1947. The President of Darul Uloom Karachi is the Grand Mufti of Pakistan, Muhammad Rafi Usmani; the Vice President is Muhammad Taqi Usmani. Both are the children of the founder. 


Here is a link to their official website.

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  1. This is serious, someone has to point this out to the general public its outrageous & plain plagiarsm. How dare they ?

  2. Khuda ki shan. Hum dar kay mare masjid nahi bait likhtay hain aur hamari bait ko woh masjid kehtay hain.Allah ho Akbar!!

  3. Indeed we should be proud and happy, just like we were somehow pleased when the swiss propagated the Mahmood Zurich Mosque/Minaret worldwide !!!

    Dr. Boodhun

  4. Alhamdolillah, we should feel prod and this is God’s blessing that they have to use our mosque as a true symbol of Islam. Mr Taqi Usmani is a renowned scholar on Islamic Banking also.

  5. This act of hijacking of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque ‘Baitus Salam’, Canada, one still feels reservations that the Editor may not knew this factual position and he came to know this impressive mosque was built by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Canada, then he may feel sad and express sorry to his readers. But if the Editor had the courage to feels his ‘act’ as right and correct one and wants his readers to know such works of God being done by the Pakistani, constitutionally created non-Muslim minority called Ahmadis, Qadianis (and derogatory word as ‘Mirzais’) then you may give the publisher full marks. Any how it is a pleasant sight to see this impressive picture of Ahmadiyya Mosque in Canada, in a Pakistani publication, Alhamdolillah.

    The days are coming soon when all the world including Pakistan ‘ s Muslim Ummaat will publically accept Ahmadiyyat the true ISLAM and call our Mosques real MOSQUES. INSHALLAH

  7. Dis anyone notice that it is written under the photo of the mosque : “Bani – Mufti Azam Pakistan Hadhrat Maulana…………..”.
    Oh my Almighty Allah don’t these people have an iota of shame.

  8. ALHAMDOLILLAH this is the sign that Ahmadiyyat is coming in their hearts and they d’nt know actually this is the result frute of khilafat Jobly Duaa given by our beloved khalifa that:-ALLAH HUMMA INNA NAGG ALOKA FEE NOHUUR-E-HIM WA NAOOZO BIKA MIN SHORUUR E HIM .

  9. I am personally happy to see the Baitul Islam photo on their cover page. Many people will learn through us that the enemies of Ahmadiyat are compelled to use our mosque photos for their title pages. This shows strength of Jamaat worldwide. Not a bad way to do tableegh, if we can bring this to the knowledge of non-Ahmadies by way of showing good work of our Jamaat for the glory of Islam. I think we should not adopt complaining posture. We can gain more by showing our healthy disposition to this plagiarism.

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