Imran Khan – Is He a Closet Mullah, as He now goes against the Ahmadiyya Muslims?

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s Note, in response to PTI statement copied below: Well here it is finally. The cat is out of the bag and its looks ugly. Imran Khan, the emerging leader in Pakistan running his election campaign on provision of Justice for All (he leads a political party called “Movement for Justice”) caved in to just a small amount of pressure put on him by the radical Mullahs who had issued false statements that his party was being helped by Ahmadiyya Muslims.  This was not true and all he had to do was to refute that claim, instead he went ahead and issued this statement below that belies any intentions on his part of being “Just” at any time in future, whether or not he gets power or not.

This Statement is pathetic, sad and shameful for a man who has constantly stated that he is afraid of no one but God. This statement shows who are really his gods – the Mullahs of Pakistan, who he fears the most and would cross all limits of decency to placate them.

Following is factually incorrect and falls under indecent, ill mannered and plain idiotic in this statement.

1. The name of the current head of the World Wide Ahmadiyya Movement is Mirza Masroor Ahmad, a widely respected, loved and esteemed Muslim leader. It is not what this statement says and is only meant as a derogatory gesture.

2. The video that is declared to be fake, is an actual youtube video of a real meeting (press briefing)  that took place in London in March this year. No amount of clarification or lying can make this video fake. It cannot have been an acting episode, and or it could not have been assembled by joining different pieces of clips from youtube.

3. Imran Khan gives a lie and insults himself by contradicting his earlier statements where he talks about equal human rights for all. By openly stating that he agrees to all the draconion articles of Pakistani constitution that make  a terrible mockery of human rights of Ahmadiyya Muslims, he discredits himself utterly just at the eve of general elections.

4. Fortunately it does clear one big misunderstanding, and that is the misplaced hope that Pakistan may undergo a change or may become a “Naya Pakistan”. What Imran has clarified is that the only thing he offers Pakistan is more of the same injustice and militant Islam that the country cannot afford anymore. Ahmadiyya Muslims will take this in a stride and will continue their journey to “Love for All and Hatred for None” for which they are known globally. Sadly for Imran Khan this may be the end of the road to true greatness and for Pakistan more sad days to come.





Watch videos below:

Watch a video clip below in the comment section, where Imran Khan said the opposite and another video about the meeting of a journalist with His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad (at 42nd minute)

Reference of PTI statement.

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  1. Imran Khan Boxed in a Maze and a Contradiction
    In the clip below Imran Khan stood for justice and rights for all and now he is unwisely mixing religion with politics. Unless, we appreciate the universality of human rights and complete separation of Mosque-Church and State, in such matters, we end up in contradictory ideas, an endless maze and a sorry state, like Imran Khan has just put himself into. The statements in the post above and the video below are polar opposite. So much for the justice of Imran Khan?

    • Well first he uses a derogatory name for Huzoor. Then he goes ahead and repeats the oath about anyone claiming to be a prophet as a liar. he denies meeting which Huzoor has already stated did take place so effectively he is saying that Huzoor was not correct.

  2. This so called brave leader deserts his follower Nadia Choudhry (with due respect, she is my sister) with one shock like he betrayed her daughter from American wife and her wife Jamima.

    Compare him to our leader who will love and die for us. He is our Khalifa and stands behind even the weakest one, and we love him, as we are ready to sacrifice our life time and wealth.

    I advise Nadia (my sister) to choose the leader who will stand behind and not run away.

  3. Certainly we don’t indulge in disparaging his personal life … but it is unfortunate he doesn’t have the political courage.

  4. Please remember that Imran has taken up the politics of the same party from where Asghar Khan sahib left off. Also remember the fate of Asghar Khan sahib who abused the Ahmadis (in 1977) with a curse (La’anat bhaijataa houn). That was the end of Asghar Khan.

    Now new asghar has appeared. We do not know his fate. But Imran khan has shown much weakness and he has succombed to the will of the beligerant Mullas. He is heading a movement for justice (Tehreek e Insaaf). Is that his Insaaf? Can Imran not see the injustice being served in Pakistan?

    The following were my comments to a very dear young beloved person who sent me Imran’s statement yesterday. Please see:
    The statement of Imran Khan is not good. He will not win the elections now because he has slipped away from good things. i.e. Justice and decency.

    He is tellig lie also. We have seen in the link, the video of London. A lady is not there alone. There are many others with her. The question arises “Does she belong to Tehreel e Insaaf, UK or not?” What about other persons with her? If they belong to tehreek e Insaaf then Imran khan cannot deny the connection, the approach. Tehreek e Insaaf persons cannot collect donations, help for cancer hospital.

    Huzoor has also mentioned that Imran approached Huzoor long ago when he made the party.

    If statement of Imran Khan is a political move and he is not realy against Jama’at Ahmadiyah Muslimah, then it is alright. He may survive. Otherwise, he has lost the elections, 2013.
    Allah knows best.

  5. Two things: First, Sometimes ago, Imran Khan had an open alliance with Mullahs, so we never ever ignore this. He acts like a Pakistani politician. Have a statement, then change it. Secondly, he has been bravely speaking in the ares of Pakistan, where other politicians can’t think to go, so he intends to be a nice guy in the the mobs. His denial of the real happening is typical political. He is not Quaid-e-Azam, who always stood for truth and never ever be hypocrite like all pak politicians. ………….. I personally say that touching this anti-Ahmadi constitution is like jumping in fire. These Mullahs have been using this blame on all favorite leaders. Then those leaders who defend themselves and admitting that they are Muslims with all of their explanations. From that point, their downfall started. It has been happening for a long time. This denial cause many, their downfall. It is a will of Allah. So let it go and see, even with Imran Khan. I want to live till that day, when the the constitution of Pakistan will be rewritten and Ahmadis will be called Muslim and equal citizens of Pakistan.

  6. Checkout this video. At 9:30 he is asked about whether state has a right to declare someone non Muslim in its constitution? Here he answers according to his western audience sensibilities.

  7. When Zia ul Haque perished in air crash, Hazrat khalifa tu Al Masih IV Mirza tahir Ahmad sahib had advised the politicians to be very careful. Because they had suffered 11 years under military rule. So hazrat sahib wanted the politicians to co-operate with each other and not to cut at each others throat otherwise they will lose the freedom again.
    That was a good lesson and by co-operation they would have amended the constitution too easliy and got rid of the miltants. Say Benazir and Nawaz working together for the benefit of the nation would have been very useful. But some one did not let them co-operate.
    Nawaz had a free hand but he used his power for his own benefit only and did not do away all the bad laws of Zia. Nawaz amended only the part which was troublng him, i.e. Dissolution of assemblies by the president.

    Instead of manking better laws, people party (?) and Nawaz government introduced more strict anti-islamic laws such as blasphemy and death penalty etc. Let us see what comes out of blue this time. It appears that Imran will disturb Nawaz vote bank severely. So Nawaz will pay the price of his negligence.

  8. When he became active I wrote him a mail and even there he was too much against the Ahmadies and as an Ahmadi I never expected any thing good from him. Let him put his steps in politics by denouncing Ahmadies and all will see his end as has happened to PPP, Zia and other vocal opponents of Ahmadiyyat. God may save motherland from such short sighted leaders.

  9. Thats it. r u afraid of GOD or these fenatic mullahs. U cant bear the pressure of these so called Islam servents (mullahs). my question is how u will bear the international pressure when u deciding for my
    beloved Pakistan. i am realy disappointed by the statement issued in such a huery that u r realy afraid of these fenatic mullahs. thats it

  10. How unfortunate, and to think many saw him as somewhat of a revolutionists, unfortunately Pakistan will continue to remain in the dark ages and I can only foresee this failed state to continue its torment and wrath against minority groups as well as sustaining internationally condemned basic human Right breaches, may allah the almighty watch over those who are at the mercy of so called leaders of justice.

  11. I am really sad to see the state of affairs in Pakistan at all levels. What worsens the situation is that the few handful of people who are thought to be “educated & enlightened” start succumbing to the illiterate & backward mullahs.
    I am sorry to say that I had great respect for Imran Khan as a cricketer, a leader & a reformer, but now he just lost that!!

  12. The allegation was that he (IK) asks votes from Ahmadies. Answer was simple that when constitution gives someone right to vote there is no harm in asking them. But brave IK went one rather two steps ahead and clarifying about his faith and future intentions. This shows how weak he is to stand with the weak and his struggle for justice remains questionable. Fears are of many kinds as just delivering speeches without bulletproof glass and mingling with crowd shows he doesn’t fear death but yes he has a great fear of his defamation. A leader with even an iota of any sort of fear will lead the nation nowhere.


    All of the above make long long speeches, slogans and declarations that all citizens are equal and they will uphold their human rights but when it comes to the issue of human rights of Ahmadis and anti-Ahmadi legislation, all politicians rightists, leftists or moderates, judges or chief justice all fall foul of double standard, greed, dishonesty, lack of integrity. They do not treat Ahmadis human beings, so do not trust any one of them and waste your time in discussing them.


  15. One observer has pertinently remarked that as Imran Khan has denied any dialogue with the Ahmadiyya community and has dared to call the London Video as fake one. This episode falsified his election slogan that he will always speak ‘truth’. But here his contradictory statement shows that he has not the required courage to say Truth on the face of Mullah and that he can not endorse the Universal Declaration of Equal Human Rights for all human beings, and all human beings must include Ahmadi Muslims of Pakistan, too. But IK’s latest views (his Chiniot speech)about Ahmadis Muslims are most immoral and illogical views, which have turned ‘PTI’, into ‘Pakistan Taareek Insaf’,(black Justice party). Yes! you are right Mr Editor, with this episode,the cat is out of the bag, by the grace of God Almighty.Alhamdolillah.

  16. All of my family and friends were praying for his success and specially after his fall of yesterday. Because I thought he is the only hope for Pakistan. I always thought that PTI had a soft corner for Ahmadi’s. Last year, one of their spokes person met with Amir Jama’at of Canada on a personal level to support PTI. But calling Hazoor a liar and using derogatory language for Hazoor is pathetic. I was shocked but not surprised. I hope Imran Khan WAKES UP after his injury. May Allah forgive them and guide them to righteous.

  17. It is most unfortunate that in the country created under the guidance of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, with the strong support and backing of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of British India but here in Pakistan Ahmadi citizens are grossly discriminated against, of which the outside world could not even imagine of,as they are not allowed even to name their faith or religion or practice it under the inalienable right of freedom of human conscience as declared by the International Declaration of basic Human Rights.
    And the most unfortunate thing is that no political leader could utter even a word in favor or sympathy for Ahmadis due to the fear of Mullah. as we see in may,2010, when more than 90 Ahmadi Muslims, on Friday Jumma congregations, were killed in two mosques of Lahore. On this gruesome barbaric massacre of innocent worshippers of God,
    one Lahorite politician called Nawaz Sharif had the moral courage to express his condolence with Ahmadis by calling them as ‘our brothers’, at once Mullah became hostile to him and not only protested but also thought it fit to issue a ‘fatwa’,making his faith doubtful, something that one could not think of and thus not a single word of sympathy for the bereaved Ahmadi families could be expressed. So please do not expect any word of sympathy for an Ahmadi grieved citizen from any leader of Pakistani style of politics. What a shameful, crude cruelness of heart and soul of human society. Inna lillahey wa….

  18. In case of Ahmadis humanity has died down in pakistani politicaians, judges,
    media and establishment.

  19. Imran Khan should learn from what happened to the previous rulers/politicians who were much more powerful than Mr. Coward Khan and tried to damage Ahmadis. These prominently include Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his key family members, dictator Ziaul Haq and even the powerful and resourceful king Faisal. If Mr. Khan continues to follow the fanatic mullah in this path the writing is on the wall, InshaAllah.

  20. Main point is politicizing of Religion , Whenever and wherever religion is politicized fundamentalism and terrorism as its by-products came out.The solution is one and only Secularism ( LA IQRAH FI DIN).The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a secular and a liberal leader believing in Humanity and liberty to all religions, No discrimination among all citizens of Pakistan,all Pakistanis were equal in his eyes. He only saw merit.So as long as you can not separate Masque / Church from state you can not get a good Government especially in a country having different sects and religions and beliefs like Pakistan.If Pakistan leaders one by one try to fall in the trap of politicizing religion to get more popularity they will at the end will get nothing but same as BHOTTO and ZIA got especially when you challenge the peace loving peoples who having help of Al-Mighty Allah ( JO KHUDA KAY HAIN UNAH LALKARNA ACHHA NAHAI ) and to whom Allah Al-Mighty given promise to help their helper and destroy their insulter.Allah Al-Mighty give wisdom to Pakistan rulers. Aameen

  21. When Mr. Sunami Khan fell at Chiniot by uttering against Ahmadis, his fall began and he fell and fell in election too, he will continue to fall unless he repents, he should learn from Daulatana, Asghar Khan, Bhutto and Zia.

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  24. Jama’at is a non-political Jama’at. It should not indulge in politics or hope from any politician. It is a spiritual Jama’at and should not yearn for power. Jama’at will not accept power (rule over any country) even if presented in a plate.

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