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  1. I consider this to be a fulfilment of the prophecy of the promised Messiah, Hazrat Masih Maood AS in regard to his adherents’ outstanding performances in the field of learning. It is a remarkable achievement indeed! MashaAllah. All praises belong to Allah. I most heartily congratulate Dr Shafi on the honor bestowed on her. May Allah grant her many more successes in her career. (Amen)

  2. congrats shafi baji…….she is my relative. and i can tell u she is so pious that i have never seen anyone like her in my whole life. an angel

  3. Congratulations shafi….you really deserve this. Actually you deserve more than that…. I am so happy for you…Wish you best of luck for your future…

  4. congratulations shafi jamaat ahmadiyya hyderabad is proud of you. May Allah grant her many more successes in her career. (Amen)

  5. Assalam alaikum, Congratulations Shafi on your great achievement, You truly deserve it..You made Jamaat E Ahmadiyya proud..Great inspiration to all the students of Jamaat E Ahmadiyya throughout the world.
    Regards..Mutaher Ahmed

  6. Congratulations to Amtul Shafi on her great achievement. Good job you are from India, had it been Pakistan, God knows how their press and bigoted Mullahs would have reacted after knowing that you are another successful Ahmadi young person. It was not long ago when they tried to show that a brilliant young Ahmadi student like you was not from Rabwah but Chiniot, because they did not want to admit that Ahmadi Students are way above the average. Good luck and best wishes for your future.
    Zafar from Luton UK

  7. Congratulations Dr.Amtul Shafi, on your greatest achievment. Iam so happy for you & best wishes for
    your future.

  8. I’m soo proud of you Baji!! CONGRATULATIONS!! May Allah give you more and more success…This is all because of your hard work…I wish you the best for everything!!

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