Must Read: Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya Muslimah On the World Wide Web

By Shahid Badruddin, Bengaluru, India.


The Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on the Internet and social media

A collection of Resources available on the Internet that is useful to an Ahmadi Muslim.

Day to day the Internet grows to be a bigger part of our lives. We access it at our homes, offices and even while on the move on mobile devices. A person without the knowledge on how to use the Internet is considered an illiterate in this age.

A vast number of Ahmadi Muslims are unaware of the resources currently available for making use either for Tarbiyath or for Tabligue. I thought it would be helpful to put together all available websites along with little descriptions to help everyone quickly make use of these sites.

Below is a list of all Official and Unofficial Websites with tons of information in text, images, audio and video formats. I pray that these may help you in one way or another to gain more knowledge on Islam and Ahmadiyyat and that it may be useful for you in helping others in researching Islam and Ahmadiyyat during Tabligue.

Importance of Communication:
Communication is a very important part of life and the more we communicate within the community the more we are informed about the Issues, the successes and the news that are happening around us. And as we Ahmadis grow as a Worldwide community there is a greater need for good communication and to be well informed.

Need to Increase our Presence:
We need to increase our presence on the Internet; we need to be more vocal and voice our concerns at various forums and sites and as much as possible introduce our Jamaat and provide links to our sites whenever we see an opportunity.

Many of the recent converts to Islam Ahmadiyya were first introduced to the Jamaat via the Internet. By watching some video on YouTube, by reading some article by some News Website, by comments and following links provided there by someone, messages on Twitter and other Forums, etc.

Media plays a very vital part of society and we need to make our presence on all forms of media to reach their vast number of readers and viewers. Whenever a news report/article on Islam Ahmadiyya is put on the Internet we must make use of the opportunity by putting our comments with useful links and at times we may have to remove misconceptions and allegations put by anti-Ahmadiyya forces. This is nothing but the “Jihad of the Pen”.

We as Ahmadis must first develop interests to contribute towards the Internet. We must make use of every opportunity that we could find and leave a mark, a message from Islam Ahmadiyya or a link to our Official Sites.

If you have the knowhow, if you have a skill to enhance the already existing system, you must start contributing for it.

The Right use of the Internet:
There are many risks and pitfalls for an Ahmadi Muslim while using the Internet. Please watch these IMPORTANT Speeches and discussions by Dr. Nasim Rehmatullah Sb, Naib Amir USA who is also the Chairman of The Alislam Team and MTA USA:

The Internet and Instructions Regarding its Proper Use

Maintaining Morality in the Online World (Speech at Jalsa Salana USA 2011)

Internet in the Modern World

I have put down almost all the sites available currently on the Internet, that are related to Islam Ahmadiyyat

The Official Site:
Is the Official website of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. A very versatile, up-to-date and a complete site with a lot of information for everyone: Ahmadi Muslims, non-Ahmadi Muslims and non-Muslims.

The site provides a vast number of innovative tools and applications to make one research easier and quicker, such as:

– The Holy Quran in multiple languages and search feature.

– Hadith with Search feature.

– Roohani Khazain: the complete collection of all the works of the Promised Messiah(as) i.e. 80+ books in Urdu, Persian and Arabic with Search features.

– Roohani Khazain English with Search. More than 30 books of the Promised Messiah(as) translated into English.

– Huzoor(atba)’s Khutuba Section: Archives of years of Friday Sermons in more than 14 Languages and various formats texts, audio and video.

– Library of Books in Online Readable and Download formats

Library of Videos of various programs and documentaries from MTA and Jalsas. This is very useful as it is nicely sorted and videos on any topic are easily accessible.

– Jamaat’s periodicals and magazines from around the world.

– Library of Poems – Nazms

– Scrolling News and latest updates section to keep the Jamaat well informed of Important developments.

– Links to Websites for International Languages (About 30 including Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and more) and related sites

– Online Salat Guide.

– Adhan Page lets you know the exact time for the 5 daily prayers at any location.

– Photo Galleries

– MTA Page:

– Urdu Page:

Muslim Television Ahmadiyya – MTA Website:
This site lets you watch MTA live in various formats sitting anywhere in the world.
Also has the Schedule of all the daily programs.

AskIslam –
This site contains answers to common questions asked about the religion. The answers are taken from actual recordings of question-and-answer sessions conducted around the world over 16 years with the 4th Khalifa Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra).

Islamic Frequently Asked Questions:
Contains Answers to a list of usual Questions on Islam in text format.

Rah-e-Huda Website:
The Official Website of the Popular Live Q&A Program of MTA. Site has Video archives of past programs, Date wise and Question wise. The site has a very good Discussion Forum on various topics.

Why Ahmadi:
Nice site with short Answers and Definitions to some of the basics of Islam Ahmadiyya, the claims of the Promised Messiah(as), short answers to popular objections and what is expected out of an Ahmadi Muslim. Good site especially for youngsters.

Understand Islam:
This free Islamic course is designed to teach you basic Islamic Knowledge and Muslim beliefs. Study Islam online free, learn the true and beautiful teachings of Islam. Learn Islam and Study Islam from the comfort of your own homes.

Fadhl-i-Umar Foundation:
A website dedicated to commemorating the life and works of Hadrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad(ra) the 2nd Khalifa of Islam Ahmadiyya.

The Tahir Foundation:
A website dedicated to commemorating the life and works of Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad(ra) the 4th Khalifa of Islam Ahmadiyya.

Jalsa Salana Website:
The Jalsa Salana website follows the community’s annual conventions, which are held in various countries at various times. Visitors can access details, such as convention news, programs and contact information.

The Persecution: (OLD Site) & (NEW Site)

These sites keep track of all the Persecutions members of the community go through around the world. The site’s got Archives of News articles, Reports, Photos and Videos of past and current incidents.

Inspirational Stories:
The founding purpose of the site is to make accessible to the world some of the inspirational stories and figures from the history of Islam. It is desired that these stories will both inspire future generations and keep alive the memory of the sacrifices made by God fearing heroes who made great sacrifices for the sake of humankind.

Love for All Hatred For None:
A Good UK based site demonstrating the Peaceful teachings of Islam Ahmadiyya.

Muslims for Peace:
A Good US based site demonstrating the Peaceful teachings of Islam Ahmadiyya.

Muslims for Life:
A Good US based site demonstrating the Peaceful teachings of Islam Ahmadiyya. To honor the victims of 9/11 on its 11th anniversary, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA has launched the annual “Muslims for Life,” a nationwide campaign to collect 11,000 units of blood to reiterate the message that Islam values the sanctity of life.

Islam International Publications:
Islam International Publications is a global company that has been publishing books on Islam for more than a hundred years. Its first press was established in India more than a century ago. And now its printing presses span 198 countries across the globe.

Review of Religions –
This is the Official Website of the 100+ years old magazine. Contains Archives of past Issues, all articles printed in the past, can be reached based on topics and search. Very useful site.

Al-Fazl :-
Official Website for both the URDU Alfazl International Weekly from London & the Alfazl Daily from Rabwah.

The Weekly Badr from Qadian:-
Official Website BADR the Weekly from Qadian. Contains the archive of the weekly.

The Muslim Sunrise:
Official website of the 1st Islamic magazine in the USA. Dr. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sb, an eminent scholar and first missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to arrive in America, founded the magazine in 1921. Contains Archives of past Issues dating back to 1921.

Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada:
Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada in print since 1971, is a Canadian National magazine that is published by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada. The objectives of the magazine are to present the teachings of Islam, reflecting its rational, harmonious and inspiring nature and to highlight the activities of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada to it’s members. It also brings together articles and viewpoints on different religions and seeks to make discussions on religion and religious philosophy accessible to a wider readership. The Site contains a lot of articles and archives of past Issues of the Magazine.

Bait-ul-Futuh Website:
Official website of the Largest Mosque in Western Europe.

Humanity First International:

HF is a non-profit international aid agency that provides aid and assistance to those in need irrespective of race, religion or politics from registered offices now in 37 countries across 6 continents and active in 46 countries, and has been working on human development projects and responding to disasters since 1992.

Humanity First Medical: :
‘Humanity First Medical’ is part of Humanity First International. It is a group of dedicated paramedics, nurses, physicians and surgeons who aim to provide help during disaster and peaceful times supporting medical needs, respecting people’s cultures and beliefs. 

Humanity First USA:                             

Humanity First Canada:                      

Humanity First Pakistan:                   

Humanity First France:                       

Humanity First Germany:                 

Humanity First Indonesia:               

Islam for the West:
A site maintained by Dr. Zia Shah Sb with good articles that shows the supremacy of the teachings of Islam for the Western masses.

Islam for Jesus:
A site maintained by Dr. Zia Shah Sb with good articles for Christians to understand and come closer to Islam.

The Muslim Times:
A Blog to Foster Universal Brotherhood: Is an international news blog representing an unofficial Ahmadiyya Muslim perspective of the world, especially the Muslim countries. A dedicated worldwide team lead by Dr. Zia Shah, maintains this site. This site is very useful to keep you up-to-date with all the happenings in the world of Islam and Ahmadiyyat.

Ahmadiyya Times:
This is an independently run website maintained by Imran Jattala Sb which keeps track of all the news happenings in the world of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Again a very useful site.
Website of the Majlis Sultan-ul-Qalam, USA. This a very inspirational team of Prolific Ahmadiyya writers. The team’s mission is to respond rapidly to media coverage of Islam through letters and editorials. Respond systematically to critics of Islam through scholarly rejoinders. The group endeavors to defend the honor and sanctity of Islam by waging a “jihad of the pen.”

The Art of misinformation:
The Art of Misinformation is a website run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) UK. All those interested in religion are invited to visit the site, contribute towards ongoing discussions, and help to shape future discussions and content. Despite being hosted by AMYA UK, The Art of Misinformation is open to everyone.

Press Releases from Pakistan:                                                

National Websites:                  

Complete List of Available Official National websites in Different languages. VERY USEFUL.

Few Official National Websites:






Official Arabic Site:                                                 

Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya National Websites:       

Few of the local official websites of the Ahmadiyya youth. Very resourceful and contains good material for the youth. Past and upcoming events and activities for the Youth of the community.

MKA India:               

MKA UK:                    

MKA Canada:           

MKA Germany:       

MKA USA:                 

MKA Pakistan:        

MKA France:            

Majlis Ansarullah National Websites:

Majlis Ansarullah UK:

Majlis Ansarullah USA:

Majlis Ansarullah India:

UK Tarbiyyat Website:                                                                        

Good Unofficial Blogs by Individual Ahmadi Muslims:

Tomb of Jesus Website:
A website filled with evidences of the survival of Jesus Christ from Crucifixion, his migration to India and his tomb in Srinagar Kashmir India. Proofs from various sources, list of books written by various authors on the subject, list of documentaries by various producers, photos and videos of the tomb and historical evidences. Very unique and useful site.

Real Islam:     
A site initiated and maintained by Sarmad Ahmad Sb, is a purely Dawat-il-Allah site dedicated to clearing misconceptions, answering allegation and providing proofs of the core beliefs of the community. The site contains very good videos for Tabligue on various topics in English and Urdu. Brilliant contents.

True Prophecies: 
Good blog on the Truthfulness of the Prophecies of the Promised Messiah(as).

Revelation and Rationality: 
Blog by Ahmadi Muslim researchers who are interested in the interface between science and religion. Religion presents the word of God and Science is the act of God. Therefore if there is a God then there should not be any contradiction. :  Contains photos of Islam Ahmadiyya Establishments Worldwide

You can send the photos of the Mosques not already in the site to with the following details: Name of the Mosque, Year it was built, Capacity, Location Address, etc.
Canada based website on local events in spreading the Message of the Holy Quran by various methods.
Blog with many proofs on the Death of Jesus Christ and his migration to India.

Hadith in English : (NON-AHMADIYYA SITE)
Please note this is a non-Ahmadiyya site but very useful. This EBook is 4 Hadith collections in one and contains over 18,000 Hadith from the following:

Complete Sahih Bukhari, Complete Sahih Muslim, Complete Malik’s Muwatta and Partial Abu Dawud :
Website of Dr. Faheem Younus Sb, former Youth President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. :   A nice site on Islamic Revival through Islam Ahmadiyya : Blog in Tamil

Few Personal Blogs with good articles: Very good blog with a lot of Proofs for Tabligue  Find good responses to a lot of Allegations  Blog by Dr. Faheem Yunus Sb :  The Life and Works of Bashir Rafiq the former Imam of the London Mosque Personal Website of Qasim Rashid Sb National Spokesperson of the Community in USA Personal Website of Kashif N. Chaudhry who is currently serving as the Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America for the 2012-2014 term


YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, view and share videos.

Users can watch the videos uploaded by others. To watch videos by our Jamaat you can just search using the keywords like “Ahmadiyya”, “Ahmadis”, etc. This will give all the videos on our Jamaat uploaded by both members of our Jamaat and our oppositions (Anti-Ahmadiyya).

To view the latest uploaded videos on the Jamaat you can click on “filter” and then click on “Upload Date” as shown below.

Create a Channel:
To upload your own videos and to put comments on other’s videos you must have an account i.e. a channel of your own. This can be done for free by registering as a new user.

Uploading Videos:
Once you have created a channel you can upload any number of videos. Suppose you have a video of a speech at a Jalsa you can upload it, but remember to give a short Title, a Description message and tag words which will help in searching the video for other viewers.

Sharing a video:
If you like a video and want it to be watched by others simply copy the link in the URL and paste it in an email OR a Chat window Or on Twitter, etc and send it. The receiver needs to just click on the link or copy it in his browser to watch it.

Members of the Jamaat around the world have created good channels for Tabligue and Tarbiyath with a very large number of videos.

You can view the list of videos available on a channel such as “AlislamKhutbaArchive” like using the below link:

To make our presence strong, more and more of us must create channels and upload good videos related to our Community. We can download videos from other channels and upload them in our channels. 

Comment on videos uploaded by others especially to Anti-Ahmadiyya forces Or even create videos in response to them and upload them as many of our brothers and sisters have been doing around the world.

Some of the good channels are:

mtaonline1:                                       Official Channel of MTA International

AlislamKhutbaArchive:           Official Archives of Huzoor’s Khutubas in 17 Languages.

Alislamlibrary:                               Official Videos and Documentaries

Alislamnazmlibrary:                  Official Archive of Nazm Videos

RaheHudaArchives1:                  Official Rah e huda Channel

Some good unofficial channels: dawah1, dawah2, islamiminaar, fazalahmadi, whiteminar, nobyte10000, etc. :              Collection of good Videos. This Unofficial website has a list of good channels and videos from various popular Jamaat Youtube Channels.

Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

First of all you need to know that it is VERY EASY to use Twitter. Anybody can master it !!

Watch these videos and learn to use Twitter:

How to build a Network on twitter ?

Once you have become a member of twitter:
– Just search for people using words like “Ahmadiyya” Or “Ahmadis” OR “Qadian”. Click the Follow button for the person you want to follow.
– Invite people who are in the contacts list of your email accounts.
– Invite people by their email ids (who may or may not be twitter users) to follow you. It will send them an email inviting them to follow you. If they have twitter account they will login and follow you and if they don’t they will have to sign up one and follow you. 

What messages to send ?
You can send messages of up to 140 characters. You can send news, information about some programs, some new videos or articles, etc. Even the links to other sites can be pasted here link articles at Or youtube videos, etc.

Twitter is very useful to keep updated on a lot of news about anything, especially Jamaat.

ReTweet: Messages sent by others can be resent to those who are following you by just clicking the RETWEET button below the message.


Twitter Campaigns by Jamaat

As a Tabligue program, once in a while members of the Jamaat decide to have a Twitter Campaign i.e. to TREND a word or phrase in the “Top 10” phrases. This trend can be country based Or Worldwide based.

To conduct a successful Trend a large number of members must Tweet and Re-Tweet a lot of messages containing the word Or Phrase at the same period of time.

When the word or phrase appears in the top 10 trends people from the public i.e. other Twitter users (non-Ahmadi) will see it and read all our messages, visit the links we provide, read our literature and watch our videos, etc. This is a very effective method of Tabligue as it can take our messages to a very large number of people easily and safely.

Few main points we must note to make a campaign successful are:

– Build a large number of Followership, we need to follow many people and must try to make a lot of Ahmadis and non Ahmadis follow us. If we send interesting and useful messages many people will follow us.

– Retweeting the messages sent by others.

– Prepare messages before hand and schedule them to be sent. is a very useful website which can be used along with your Twitter accounts. It helps in managing your multiple accounts and messages. Most importantly it helps in SCHEDULING your messages. i.e. if there is a campaign on a given date and time you can create messages before the time and make them be sent at that time automatically. This helps a lot in campaigns.

FACEBOOK !!                                                     

Many have doubts on Facebook’s use, so here is the Official Policy from the Jamaat from

FaceBook Policy at

Page updated: December 22nd, 2011
The following policy has been approved by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba) for the members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:

1.Individual Jama’at members are not permitted to create facebook pages on behalf of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. All pages created by individuals representing “Ahmadiyya” or “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (a.s.) ” or “The Promised Messiah (a.s.)” or “Mirza Masroor Ahmad” or “Khalifatul Masih” etc. should be closed immediately.

2.The only official Ahmadiyya Muslim Community facebook page is via Alislam platform at

3.The practice of making and maintaining individual facebook pages/accounts is not permitted. (Ref: Concluding address Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V, Jalsa Salana Germany 2011, June 26th 2011).

4.Any questions write to chairman Al Islam at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If members are not allowed to create individual Facebook pages/accounts, then why is there an AhmadiyyaMuslim Facebook page?
A. The AhmadiyyaMuslim page has been created for multiple reasons: (1) to officially counter anti-Ahmadiyya and other defamatory propaganda; and (2) to present the true and accurate teachings of Islam. A Facebook account is not required to access the AhmadiyyaMuslim page. Anyone can visit the page to view latest updates at

Q. Does the prohibition against individual and personal Facebook accounts extend to other social media websites?
A. It depends. Facebook is primarily designed to encourage the disclosure and sharing of intimate personal information. Therefore, this prohibition would extend to all similar websites (MySpace, hi5, google+ etc.). This prohibition does not apply to social media websites that have a different focus – such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Use your honest judgment or ask.

Furthermore, all members should exercise caution when using any non-prohibited social media website to ensure that safety, security, privacy and modesty are preserved. Parents are especially encouraged to educate their children about appropriate usage.

Q. Does this prohibition against individual Facebook accounts extend to business/education Facebook accounts, as well?
A. No. The design and purpose of Facebook Business/Education accounts is different than individual accounts and do not fall into the scope of this directive. Cautious use is advised.

Q. Can I maintain a personal Facebook account if I do so carefully for personal or tabligh use?
A. In total, there is more harm than good in websites such as Facebook with a high potential for misuse or abuse even in personal or tabligh use. Therefore, this prohibition has been instituted for the sake of protecting the membership at large.

Q. How can Facebook account be deleted?
A. If you check on this link, it will guide you on how to delete the account:

Some Tips on using the Internet:

1) Language translator:
If you want to read something like an entire website OR just some text, which is in some other language like Urdu OR Arabic in your language like Hindi, Kannada OR Tamil. A very simple way is to use the tool provided by Google. Just copy the text OR Website address into the box select the From and To languages.

2) Locate Ahmadiyya Mosques:  and
Suppose you have gone to a new place and want to locate a Mosque of our community. Go to put the keywords like “Ahmadiyya Mosque Bangalore”

Not all of our Mosques and missions are mapped on these sites so we need to add them there. This would be very helpful for a lot of people both Ahmadis and non Ahmadis who want to visit our Mosques or Mission Houses.

3) View Blocked Sites of Jamaat:
Some countries have blocked few of our websites such as

To still view the sites, one suggestion is to add an “s” after http. So the above becomes

https stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure”. Secure sites with https  are those sites where web address and other information travels in encrypted form. Filters do not identify these addresses. So they are normally not effected by any such blocking action

Another workaround is by appending “” at the end i.e. use

4) Downloading Videos:
We can easily download any videos running on any site on the browser to our hard disk. All you need to do is download and install the FREE version of Real Player from the link :

After the installation when you are watching a video say on youtube, on moving the mouse over the video you will see this image  appear. Just click it and it will save the video in a folder called “RealPlayer Downloads” in your Videos Folder.

5) Creating Videos:
The simplest tool to use for creating videos of your own is the “Windows Movie Maker”, which comes with your Windows Operating System, if not you can download it for free from:

This application helps in cutting, combining and editing videos, adding sounds and slides and saving in different Qualities. Very useful.

6) Converting formats:
Video and Audio files come in different file formats and not all Players and devices can read all formats. In this case you may want to convert from one format to another.

There are many Free and paid applications on the net. A very powerful application is Xilisoft Video Converter which can convert from Any format to Any format !!

Mobile Applications from Alislam:

Alislam team has a variety of applications for mobile devices. Download these free apps for your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Windows Phone 7. Search the Keyword: “Ahmadiyya” in the relevant App Store or Marketplace to find all of the applications made by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

WallPapers for Computers and Mobile Devices

Few good wallpapers for devices and Computers have been designed by Alislam Team, let us use them instead of what we currently have on our devices.

You can download the specific one for your device at this link:

Finally I would like to say (type) that it is the Duty of EVERY Muslim especially Ahmadis to spread the Message of Allah. The Holy Prophet(saw) used to invite people of all races, poor and rich to the right path of Allah, he used the limited technologies that were available to him at that point of time, scribes used to write down his letters and messengers used to ride on horse backs to reach as far as Rome, Egypt and Persia and invite emperors and their people to understand the Truth.

The Promised Messiah(as) himself wrote about 90 books and thousands of letters by hand in the defense and truthfulness of Islam. He destroyed falsehood, broke the Cross and brought Glory back to Islam only by the Jihad of the Pen, sitting in a small hamlet Qadian.

Just imagine what we can do with all the resources, skills and potential we have in our hands. IMAGINE.

Prayers requested for every individual who have selflessly put in so much of efforts behind each of the above mentioned resources only for the sake of Allah and his Jamaat’s progress.

Prayers requested for me as well.

Shahid Badruddin, Bangalore, India.

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  2. Our Jihad for Modesty and Improvement of Self
    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you……Some people think that religion deprives them of their freedom and place restrictions on them. But Allah the Exalted has said: “…….and (He) has laid no hardship upon you in religion…….” [Holy Quran ch 22:v79].

    Thus the religious laws of Islam are given to save humanity from all types of hardships and calamities and to bring mercy and blessings for them. Being creation of God if one does not follow His commandment he will be misled by Satan to destruction.

    There are things, which are considered trivial in the beginning, but results are devastating. A true believer should never consider a commandment as small.

    These days, drifting away from religion, people’s criteria for good and bad has changed. For example, on the name of freedom and fashion, nudity among men and women is becoming common. The sign of being progressive is to practice shamelessness openly. The thing called modesty does not remain.

    As the result, questions about issues of modesty and modest dress may arise in the minds of growing Ahmadi boys and girls too, who live in such societies. They must remember that we, as Muslim, must follow the teaching of Islam and Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) about modesty and covering. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained Islamic teaching for us. He said modesty is the part of faith.
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