Event in Germany – Tracing the triumphant discovery “Higgs Boson” with Tom Kibble

Source: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany

Year 2012 witnessed incredible discovery of Higgs Boson. To applause this historic milestone, the co founder of Higgs Theory, Professor Tom Kibble of Imperial College London and other renowned scientists have been invited to the lecture and exhibition evening organised by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Participants surely will enrich themselves with the discussion encompassing importance of Higgs particles for man kind. Theme related informatory exhibition will also enlighten the participants.

Lecture “Tracing the triumphant discovery of Higgs particle” scheduled at
18.00 hours, Friday 01 March 2013. Venue: Bashir Mosque, Bensheim (Germany).

Renowned Prof. Achim Stahl and Dr. Mansoora Shamim will also speak about this incredible discovery.

Registration up to 20th February 2013 will facilitate better reception and related arrangements.

Dissemination of event information to science related circle will be much appreciated.

For any query please feel free to contact.

Bilal Aslam


About Prof. Tom Kibble

About Mansoora Shamim

About Achim Stahl

For German Readers: Read here

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