Iran’s Fajr poetry festival unveils jury list

>The 17th edition of Fajr International Poetry Festival has announced the list of jury members selected for different sections of the event.

The selected jurors are slated to judge at six different sections of the festival that will be held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, said the festival’s Secretary General Reza Hamidi.

Abbas Moshfeq Kashani, Mohammad Ali Mojahedi and Morteza Amiri to serve at the jury panel of the newly assigned category titled ‘The Prophet of Islam’.

Mehdi Mohaqeq, Mir Jalal al-Din Kazazi and Hossein Razmjou were summoned to attend at the ‘Criticism and Research’ section.

The jury panel of the ‘Classic Poetry’ section is to host Mohammad Ja’afar Yahaqi, Mohammad Reza Turki, Baha al-Din Khorramshahi, Khosro Ehteshami and Mohammad Kazem Kazemi.

Naser Keshavarz, Mostafa Rahmandoust and Erfan Nazar Ahari were named to judge at the ‘Children and Young Adult’ section.

Yadollah Maftoun Amini, Ali Mousavi Garmaroudi, Yousef Ali Mir Shakak and Mostafa Alipour are to impanel the jury of ‘Modern Poetry’ section while Ali Moallem, Ali Reza Qazveh and Rashid Kakavand will serve at the ‘Songs’ section.

“The participants are required to submit those works published during past two years in the categories of classic poetry, contemporary poetry, poetry for children and young adults and songs,” Hamidi said.

The international participants are programmed to present their works out of Competition section at this year’s event.

Iranian and International poets are also scheduled to recite their poems at the closing ceremony of the seventh edition of the festival.

Iran hosted many foreign participants from different Asian and European countries including Uzbekistan, China, Georgia, Poland, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Denmark, India, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and South Korea during last edition of the festival in 2012.

Iran holds the international Fajr poetry, film, theater, visual arts and music festivals every year to mark the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


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