UN apologizes for applauding Serbian genocide song

Global Post: The UN has apologized after Ban Ki-moon and other senior officials gave a standing ovation to “March on the Drina,” unaware it was the unofficial anthem of the Serbian troops who massacred Bosnian civilians in the 1990s.


According to The New York Times, many Bosnian massacre survivors protested the playing of the song and Ban’s reaction, leading to the organization’s apology. “March on the Drina” was performed during the encore of a concert by the Serbian choir Viva Vox and is said to have not been listed in the official program.


“We sincerely regret that people were offended by this song,” the agency’s spokesman, Martin Nesirky, told reporters.


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  1. On kind advise of one of our fellow editors I have removed a particularly gruesome picture of war crimes committed by serb christians agains bosnian muslims. The reasons to put that picture originally was to highlight how easily Muslims tend to forget what could be easily be depicted as a holocaust for Muslims in the midst of “civilized” Europe. To top that UN, which was incharge of the protection of Serberbnica camp where 10,000 Muslims were slaughtered just got up to pay respects to a serb song. Let us remember how jews have remembered thier holocoust, to the point that even denying it can lend you in jail.

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