Qadri to challenge his summoning over violating asylum oath

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ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Tehrik-i-Minhajul Quran (TMQ), Dr Tahirul Qadri, has decided to challenge in a Canadian court his summoning to that country on Feb 5 by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to explain as to why he had violated the oath he took when seeking asylum there, DawnNews reported.

However, Qadri’s counsel, Mendel Green, had refused to represent the TMQ chief in this case.

Green had assisted Qadri in his asylum application to Canada which was accepted in 2009.

The RCMP has reportedly said that Qadri had violated his oath which did not allow him to enter the country he had sought asylum from. More

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  1. Seems like Qadri obtained his asylum in Canada based on his statement on oath that his return or re-entry into Pakistan would prove detrimental to his life. If the situation changed in he could return safely then there are procedures to be followed to inform the Canadian authorities in which case he would no longer qualify for political asylum.

    If, however, Qadri lied on his application which appears very probable then he would be liable for making false declaration on oath which often carries a jail sentence and being barred from re-entry into the country where asylum is sought.

  2. Alhamdo-lillah the result of his Mobahla with the Imam of Jama’at Ahmadiyya is very conspicuous. Who win this Challenge History will further enlighten it, InshaAllah.
    Zarif Ahmad

  3. Qadri to challenge his summoning over violating asylum oath

    The lies of an opportunist politician cum scholar

    Let us look, what lied about.

    1. He obtained the asylum in Canada by claiming that his life was threatened in Pakistan by the extremists
    2. He swore on oath that he would abide by the laws of Canada, be loyal to the Queen and not take parting political activities in Pakistan.
    3. As a refugee, he was not allowed to the country, he ran away, but he did
    4. In spite of the fact that his organisation collects millions for him, he was living in Canada on state welfare
    5. Then he justified needing Canadian citizenship and passport, which would let him travel without a visa in the west
    6. He said on Pakistan TV that he needed health care on the advice of his doctors, which was excellent in Canada

    All these lies plus many more should make this man ineligible to talk about reforms in Pakistan. He should start with himself first.

  4. Aslamo-e-Aliakum Wr Wb.

    As Hanif Sb and Bashy said, my views are not entirely different, in fact this is what we discussed in earlier posts.

    Plus. He has been told that his life was on “threat” by Government agencies in Pakistan (which was to seek his attention and prevent this march) but without caring he has jumped in to this so called Peaceful march (they call) in order to score more points in his fellow extremist mollah’s eyes and how patriot he has been throughout his lifetime – NOT!

    And the story just do not end here, Now his presence back in Pakistan would allow more Jihadi Madrassa’s, weapons smuggling, drugs, and terrorism against one religion and the other and more trained individuals for Talibans and so forth.

    Half of the Lahori’s or people from Lahore have seen his day and night hard-work for the city and the nation – He has hardly contributed towards anyone’s life or done a single good deed in his entire life

    If you look for a video I have seen couple of years ago, he was collecting all those rupees people were showing on him during his speech, what a load of crap and nonsense this guy is on about and he talks about reforms? Are you serious, mate?

    Qadri’s stay in Pakistan would cause massive issues including terrorism and tens of thousands of Jihadi’s madrassa’s (his main business).

    I have earlier posted some video’s where the country’s other terrorists having good words for him, the words include “liar” – “an abuse” – “and what not? You name it (anything bad) – He literally has it!

    Allah Tala iss ko akal dain.

    Luqman Qadir.

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