Logical: A petition to require firearm owners (in the USA) to provide secure storage and liability insurance for each firearm in their possession

we petition the obama administration to:

To require firearm owners to provide secure storage and liability insurance for each firearm in their possession.

On behalf of everyday Americans who realize that preventing gun violence also requires measures to protect our children from the carelessness of lawful gun owners and address the possibility of being killed or injured through accidental exposure to legal weapons. Therefore this petition seeks to prevent accidental exposure by requiring secure storage for all firearms, magazines & ammunition so that family members and unauthorized users will be denied access. In addition, every owner will be required to carry liability insurance on each firearm so any one injured by the misuse of such firearms will be covered. In addition to failure to comply with these measures, civil and or criminal penalties will be also be assessed for the failure to report the loss or theft of all firearms and ammo.

To sign the petition: (for US citizens I assume):


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