States committing crimes with impunity

Story Summary

If the U.S. government can go around assassinating anyone it suspects is a criminal, can any other party do the same to Americans?

A few years ago the U.S. government also obtained a court ruling allowing it to seize and kidnap any person in any country (the case involved a person in Mexico) and bring them to the U.S. for trial, if that person was charged with criminal offenses in the U.S.

The litany of such behavior is long and ugly, but this kind of extra-judicial arrogance and criminality continue to occur because there seems to be little desire among those in “the civilized world” and “the international community” to actually put their words into practice when it comes to larger powers in the West.

So I guess we should conclude that the new rules of the game are that some hapless American companies can get fined $5.28 million for abusing Iraqi prisoners, but American, British, Israeli and other governments are above the law, and can get away with murder on a massive scale – all in the name of promoting the rule of law around the world.

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