Islam is the only solution to the challenges of mankind says Spring of Islam conference

By TCN Staff Reporter

Islam is the only solution to the challenges of mankind

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India: Three day Spring of Islam conference by Jamate-e-Islami Hind at Hyderabad was inaugurated by JIH national president Moulana Jalaluddin Umri on Friday morning.

In the inaugural session of the conference attended by both men and women JIH president said Bahar-e-Islam (Spring of Islam) is the need of humanity to relive itself from the glitches of life. Maulana Umri in his address explained the need of building a society based on the Islamic principles of peace and justice.

JIH Ameer Jalaluddin Umari speaking at the conference.

Khaja Arifuddin president, Jamaat-e-Islami (Andhra Pradesh and Odisha) in his presidential address said the era of atom bomb war is over and now it is the age of Ideological war, he asked Muslims to present the ideology of Islam as a solution to the problems face by mankind.

Khaja Arifuddin said Western culture and economic system has declined and became unpopular, not only in east but even in the places of its origins. He said moral pollution of the western culture has shown its negative results and mankind is searching for an alternative.

He said Islamic law and principles are based on the human nature that is why Islam has awarded death penalty for rape. “Earlier when we demanded death penalty for rape we were branded as extremists, but now even the politicians from the opposition parties are echoing our demand on the basis of Human nature,” Khaja Arifuddin said.

After the inaugural session and Friday prayers, the venue Nizam College ground was full packed with consecutive sessions organized with separate sittings for women, apart from Girls Islamic Organization own leadership development session for girls.

Discover Islam exhibition was also designed for the participants which were inaugurated by Editor Siasat Urdu daily Zahid Ali Khan in the afternoon. A separate cultural session for physically challenged persons was also organized mainly attended by the students of JIH run Ideal Information Center for Disabled.

Discover Islam Entrance

The session for Ulema (Islamic scholars) saw huge gathering which was addressed by many well-known Islamic scholars. In the evening Student Islamic Organization of India organized a session for young students on importance of building up Islamic leadership. This was addressed by research scholars and SIO National president Ashfaq Ahmed Shareef.

A cultural mushaira gathering was also arranged for the participants in the end of the first day. The conference which contained 18 sessions will continue till January 13.

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  1. The leaders of Jama’at Islami say that world needs Islam. But the jama’at islami does not understand Islam. The reasons:

    1. That jama’at was originally formed in 1941 as a purely religious party and not a political party.
    2. Party was formed by maudoodi sahib and he had written much against national, democratic, secular systems of governance. India is now secular system. Did the Jama’at leaders in India blame Maudoodi sahib for giving wrong directions? No.
    3. Waheed khan sahib ( in India) had written that “Jama’at Islami in India does not apologize for preaching against secularism. And in Pakistan, Jama’at Islami has only nuisance value.”
    4. Religiously, maudoodi sahib worked on the principle of living Isa i.e. Isa (a.s.) has not died. Maudoodi sahib spent his life time on that wrong stand. I do not know what the Indian Jama’at islami is preaching on that subject now.
    5. Maudoodi sahib did not support Jinnah sahib or Pakistan during 1939 to 1950. He being a religious person should not have entered into active politics.
    6. But we see that he spent all his life in politics and that also without any success.
    7.In 1964, maudoodi sahib brought Miss Fatimah Jinnah into politics. People asked him if he believed in the leadership of women, as he was working under the leadership of Fatimah Jinnah.
    He replied that according to religion, one needs to accept the lesser evil. He was comparing Fatimah Jinnah with Field Marshal Ayub Khan.
    I wondered why that good religious principle did not occur to maudoodi sahib in years 1940 to 1947 when Muslim League was struggling hard against the Indian Congress?? He could not see any lesser evil at that time.
    8. I am totally non-political person. I wish J.I. well if they have good religious principles and work for peace in the world, and no politics.
    9. But I see many flaws in their beliefs. They seems to be having a harsh model of Islam in their minds and no support to any peace.
    10. They believe that any one, Hindu or Christian, can become a Muslim. But a Muslim cannot become a Hindu or Christian.If any will do, he is liable
    to be killed.
    11. They believe that the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. spread Islam by sword. That he was unsuccessful with his 14 years of preaching. Then when he took sword in his hand, all the rust and dust of ignorance was removed.
    12. They (J.I) have not proved that they believe in peace for people of all faiths in the world. They believe in Jihad with the sword instead of Jihad of propagation only in a lovable peaceful manner.
    13. I read the tafseer of maudoodi sahib upto chapter 30. There were many wrong ideas. I only noted just a few (2 or three) good things in his tafseer, for which he deserves some credit.
    14. My last few words for J.Islami: let us believe that:
    “Any one who is a Muslim or Jew or Christian, or person of any other faith (sabian), if that person believes in Allah and the last day and DOES GOOD DEEDS, there is their reward with their Lord. They will have no fear nor will they be grieved.” (Verse 2:62 of Quran).
    Please do not make a precondition in that verse that those Jews and Christians must first become Muslims to be protected from fear. Let them remain what they are.
    Let us see some high level speeches from Jama’at Islami leaders that there is no compulsion in religion, in any religion. Let every people follow their own faith peacefully. All those who do not recite the kalimah are not Kafir. Let such things be heard from all their platforms at all levels and be seen in the daily news. Wassalam.