Ahmadi Muslim Press Raided in Lahore: Blasphemous (?) material Confiscated-Urdu

Daily Ummat: Several members of the movement arrested. Press sealed and books confiscated. Quran with changes found. Police was extremely quick and effective in taking action. FIR registered under 295 A and 295 C offences punishable by death.

All the Blasphemous material that the article talks about are books of Hazrat Masih Moud, full of praise and love of Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him). No Ahmadi can ever imagine such an act.

Editors Note: What can one say except that Allah brings these people to justice who have crossed all limits in insulting Promised Messiah and Islam.


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  1. Bundle of lies. INALILLAH e wa Ina elallah e rajeoon. Let the matter be investigated by an impartial foreign agency.

  2. What hurts the most in this type of “news” is how they tell such outright lies that Ahmadiyya literature is, God forbid, insulting to the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) and to other prophets, companions etc. They have no sense of justice nor shame nor any semblance of humanity, and yet they call themselves Muslims!

    May Allah ta’alah crush their arrogance and make these criminals a sign for all to see and learn from. Pakistan has suffered enough at the hands of these thugs.

    • Qudsia. You could be absolutely correct, but unless you tell the world what was in those literature, it will be hard to find the truth. And why are those literature published and distributed in secrecy. Why not in open? So there is an element of ambiguity, secret and it seems something is being done behind closed doors which may not be acceptable by the rest of the population.

      Unless you communicate your message in open, initiate dialoge with the majority, you will always be seen ambiguous and someone with hidden agenda.

  3. Being a person converted from main stream muslims to ahmadiyya (a true islam), i say many many thanks to almighty Allah of not being the part of liars(molvees of 14th and 15th century). The grinding machine of Allah runs slow but grinds perfectly and one day these liars will come under the grinding machine inshallah.
    May Allah give great patience and success to jamaat ahmadiyya pakistan and the whole jamaat ahmadiyya(amin).

  4. لعنت اللہ علی الکذبین

    what else can they do. fabricate lies.

    لعنت اللہ علی الکذبین
    لعنت اللہ علی الکذبین
    لعنت اللہ علی الکذبین


  5. I wish they could read a single page of the mentioned books. I myself is a converted Ahmadi Muslim from Sunni version of Islam and I pray to Allah that in response to such acts please bring more people from them in the light of Ahmadiyyat. May Allah forgive and bless them with Ahmadiyyat – Ameen Sum Ameen

  6. Insha Allah, like the other trials, Allah will keep our steadfast members more steadfast. We pray for them that may Allah spread the light of the Noor e Muhammadi s.a.w. more than ever before through the books of the Imam of the this age.

    Abu Omar

  7. Volume 4, Book 52, Number 203:
    Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:
    The ‘Prophet said, “It is obligatory for one to listen to and obey (the ruler’s orders) unless these orders involve one disobedience (to Allah); but if an act of disobedience (to Allah) is imposed, he should not listen to or obey it.”

  8. May Allah help our jamaat in Lahore in this critical times. I am sure Allh will help us as ever.Amen In-sha’Allah

    We should all pray earnestly.

  9. Very sad news there was nothing wrong in books of islam but the media wants to create panicin the society with their sentiments, suspece and curisity.
    what a time has come there are security Guards in Mosques, in Schools in Madrassas and in all Khana e Khudas, worship places why because of unnecessary killing , fear, frighten etc. Does God all needs, Allah made men and everyone free to worships wharever he believes but today it is impossible impossible. Quran says human is impatience.

  10. Full of lies story. No Ahmadi can even thhink about disgrace of Khatam un Nabiyyin. Muullahs are fabricating story to get cheap popularity. They do not understand what had they done with this beautiful country by implicating thinsd of your choice without looking in to reality. These rigid Mullahs are damaging Islam’s perception all over the World. They want their authority which may come what way.

  11. Allah will bring these thugs to justice Inshallah their might be a delay but its never to late, Allah is bringing all these mullah together so they can be cult altogether in one go. Inshallah

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