What to make of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri’s Dream from 1980s?

Timeline of the Video and Minhaj ul Quran
The video posted on The Muslim Times on January 02, 2013 – most probably should be of late 1970s or early 1980s.

Minhaj ul Quran was founded in Lahore (Pakistan) in 1981 during the dictatorial rule of General Zia ul Haque.

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  1. Reactions to Dr. Tahir Qadri’s Dreams

    Back in the days when this “dream” and later on “One from Cave Hira – Mecca” were first time released to public audience, the Print Media and Mullahs played havoc against him that Dr. Qadri retreated to deny his “original interpretation of meeting with the angels”.

    From Ahmadiyya Media it was Late Saqib Zeervi Sahib who published his detailed analysis of “Prophetic Dreams” and advised Dr. Tahir Qadri to keep his adherence to the Islamic tradition of revelations and not to surrender his stance to the will of Mullahs.

  2. Why call it Blasphemy

    It is indeed hard to fathom that some commentators on The Muslim Times termed Dr. Tahir Qadri’s dream as “Blasphemy”.

    HOW ???
    Is it blasphemy to envision The Holy Prophet of Islam in one’s dream ?

    What about the Famous Dream of Imam Abu Hanifa rh; that he saw himself digging into the holy grave of the Holy Prophet saw and gathering His skeletal bones ???

    Does the whole Muslim Ummah not feel proud of the Exalted Stature of Imam Abu Hanifa rh for this particular dream, in considering it “prophetic” to his contributions to Islamic Jurisprudence ???

  3. Verdict of the Holy Promised Messiah as

    “Rather our experience extends to it that sometimes ……… a thief also, whose professional engagement is to erode others’ properties; can envision a truthful event by means of his dream” – Roohani Khazain : Volume 20 : Page 416

  4. What did Dr. Tahir Qadri Describe?

    1. He envisioned Holy Prophet of Islam saw in his dream and had a chance of ACTIVE and MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE

    2. The Holy Prophet told him that He had come to Pakistan on the invitation of (a) the Pakistani People, (b) the Islamic Religious Parties and (c) the Islamic Scholars.

    3. Since all the mentioned THREE have not benefitted from HIS holy visit, He is “Not Happy” with THEM and has decided to “leave the country”.

    4. Dr. Qadri implored Him to extend His holy stay – and the Holy Prophet saw agreed to it “conditionally” that “he should then establish Minhaj ulQuran”.

  5. What is the big wrong with all the above FOUR parts of the dream ?

    1. Is it not TRUE that the Creation of Pakistan and the whole sequence of the Pakistan Movement was based and founded upon a slogan that We (the Muslims of British India) be granted a peaceful homeland wherein we shall “Uphold Islamic Teachings”.

    Was this slogan not emphasized by Muslim People, Islamic Parties and Muslim Scholars and did they not get a homeland in as much short a spell as seven years of struggle.

    2. DID All the Three mentioned segments of the society NOT relinquish “The Islamic Teachings” right on the Eve of Independence – August 14, 1947 which happened to be the 27th night of Ramadhan, commonly believed to be the blessed night of Lailatul Qadr – by brutal murders, rapes, lootings and then corruption, nepotism and more than that in dividing the society by religious fanaticism and sectarian prejudices.

    3. Are the State Governance, Politicizing of Religion, Social Injustice and Anarchical State of Affairs in Pakistan not worth a Wrath of God; which is rightly depicted by expressing Unhappiness of the Holy Prophet saw.

    4. Is the “coming of the Holy Prophet saw” not construed to mean (in dream discipline and analogies) for His second coming per Verse 4 in Chapter 62 of the Holy Quran.

    5. Is it “Not” the Only Solution to the “Problems in Pakistan” that Minhaj ulQuran – “The Trajectory of Islamic Teachings” is “ESTABLISHED”.

  6. Other than that – who understood the message in the dream

    Not Dr. Tahir Qadri – because, what he did after it was to Establish a Religio-Political Party and resorted to cultivate and harvest Financial and Political Gains by Submitting himself to the Will of Worldly Government(s) and to the Will(s) of his Contemporary Clergy.

  7. Dear Mr. Shahid Pervaiz
    I think that either you have not heard Mr. Qadri’s speech in this video carefully or you are trying to connect his so-called dream where Prophet is supposedly telling him that he is not pleased – with these religious leaders who invited him – to your own religious agenda.
    Well you asked few questions, which need answering-
    • Is it blasphemy to envision The Holy Prophet of Islam in one’s dreams?
    No it is not Blasphemy to dream about the Prophet. No one is arguing with that. The problem is the way, Qadri was telling a blatant lie.

    • Then you say: “Why call it Blasphemy?”
    Well for the simple reason that Mr. Qadri is making fun of the Prophet by declaring that the Prophet asked him to take care of his travels in Pakistan, his food expenditure and a return ticket to Medina. Anyone in his/her right mind would tell you that dreams are just that-dreams. These have nothing to do with reality. Dreams are described by modern psychologists as unfulfilled and repressed wishes, which often are completed in dreams.
    Secondly, Mr. Qadri again exploited the name of the Prophet by declaring that he has asked him to start Minhaj-ul-Quran. In the entire world, where 1.5 billion Muslims live, Qadri is the only one who had made such claim, which is obviously a lie.
    Does it make any sense to anyone that the Prophet who has died 1450 years back would need food and travel expenses and that he would travel – in an aeroplane with 300 other Pakistanis who travel to Saudia every day to work. This to me is Blasphemy.
    Mr. Pervaiz, cannot you see that MR. Qadri was duping his audience to give him money to taker care of these imaginary expenses. Do you think that exploiting the name of the Prophet is Ok?
    I have my own question to you. Have anyone heard that Pakistani people and religious scholars invited the Prophet? Did anyone sent a letter of invitation, made a phone call or sent a delegation? And for what purpose would he be invited? Then why would the Prophet accept Qadri’s plea and promise to stay in Pakistan for 7 more days.
    Mr. Qadri is a habitual liar and a megalomaniac. There are many proofs on the Internet where he is caught telling a lie and then tried to justify these with silly arguments.
    1. He was in Denmark and lied on TV about Blasphemy laws in Pakistan by claiming that he had nothing to do with that. When the Danish TV station confronted him with his other video in Urdu, where he was proudly telling his followers that he was the architect of the Blasphemy law, he refused to come to the TV.
    2. There is another video, where people are kissing his feet and he is blessing them. He later said that he never sanction that.
    3. Then he is talking to the dead on the grave and asking them to stand up and recite Kalma and saying that angels are coming and he will pave the way for this person’s move to paradise.
    4. He recently lied that he has not taken an oath to get the Canadian citizenship, which proved a lie again.
    5. During his visit to Denmark last year, he said in a Khutba that if his followers wish to come to paradise, they must love God, the Prophet and also him. By saying so he is putting himself on par with God and the Prophet.
    6. Who has given him the titles of Shaykh-ul-Islam and Allama?
    7. There is a video of him saying Allah and Muhammad become one on Isra Miraj and he also said Abu Hanifa taught him Fiqh for 15 years in his dreams.

    The list goes on and on. I am just amazed that some Pakistani people are so stupid that they cannot see through this charlatan. Anyhow I shall ask you to see these videos, after you read my comment. By the way, Mr. Qadri has officially asked the You Tube to remove such videos from the Internet. Wow!

  8. To me Brother Shahid’s post makes sense. And Mr Saqib Zervi’s caution was a right one. At that time he should have pondered over the message with Taqwa and God fearing heart, He would surely have understood the message.
    What I can understand from the post and the clip, is that initially Mr.Tahirul Qadri did not lie about having a dream and explaining it.( though he appears to exaggerate) But surely he recieved a message. That he later either misunderstood or exploited by ignorance or by incapability of understanding it. It made him again stand in the row of wayward scholars (Ulema) of 14th century, as prescribed in a Hadith about the Scholars of the time of advent of the Promised Messiah..
    He is so unfortunate to have misinterpret the message.
    God accepts humble people. Arrogance and pride has no place in His Kingdom.
    But he tended become so proud , that he allows others humans like him to kiss his feet or prostrate before him. A shear from of Shirk. Inna Lillah wa inna Ilaihi Rajioon. ( we came from God and to Him shall we return)
    He sure has derailed from the right path, And he seems to have no realization of his waywardness.

  9. Thank you Bashy Quraishy for your in-depth exposure of this fraudulent sudden descender into the empty, rudderless crowed of disorganized,demoralized Poor Pakistani People (PPP) being fooled since the blued-eyed pick of Gen. Ayub Khan called ZA Bhutto started his negative political game based on emotional slogan of ” Roti,kapra,makan”, a slogan which is impossible of achievement even in the richest countries, not to talk of Pakistan, a country being remote controlled from the distanced neighbor of “stone-age-threat” fame.That power wants to regain its former glory through a new NRO by bringing in new actors to further exploit the emotional popular hate of the people against the most irresponsible crises-creator rulers of the last five years of mis governance of Pakistan. May God bless poor Pakistanis with such God-fearing rulers who could serve like true caring, loving parents of all citizens with no distinction of color and creed and without fear and favor, treating all people equally with honor and justice. Long or short Marches by intruders from outside will never succeed in making their dreams come true here in Pakistan,InshaAllah.

  10. Unlike the (stereotype) socio-political strata, the “Subject Matter” of this post was “the dream substance” and what I got in return is that:-

    1. Either I did not watch the video “carefully”
    2. Or I am connecting it to my “own religious agenda”
    3. “Dreams are described by modern psychologists as unfulfilled and repressed wishes, which often are completed in dreams”.
    4. “Dr is a complete hypocrat”. (hypocrite);
    5. ….. and so on and on ……. It went.

    Do these relate to the subject matter?

    It would be interesting NEWS to know;

    1. When did the modern psychologists conclude that

    a. “All Dreams” are the unfulfilled and repressed wishes, which often are completed in dreams?
    b. The “dream substances” are “NOT” subject to “meaningful” interpretation(s)?

    2. Have they stopped their studies and researches about the “prophetic dreams”?

  11. As salam alay kum to all muslims who decided to not to support this shriki man name SO call BR.Tahir ul Padri.
    Bashy Quraishy asked u many questions and u Sahid pervez decided to answer on dream’s research……..

    my simple question is that Pardi said who ever insult prophet Mohammed PBUH,should be punished to death????????? RIGHT….
    and he collected hundered of million Rupees and A canadian resident visa, his all his expenses paid by “IRAN”…… he got 300 million Dollar to propograde ISLAM from “USA” and 100 MIllion Dollar from “UK”……WHY?????????

    ANSWER HE is propogation division in islam,want to patch up with SHIA but dont want to make allies with TRUE Muslims…………..

    AND WHY U supporting this man,he insult our prophet by saying that prophet Mohammed asked money from this lair,,,,,,, if prophet Asked money then, prophet living in poverty according to Padri,but we believe that prophet live very magnificent life in Paradise. and another thing is that when prophet went to Mehraj night he didn’t pay anything to ALLAH…… but when Prophet came in Padri’s dreams Prophet asked money as Prophet unable to go to madina back without Padri support??????????? SHAME on Padri………………….

    ALLAH Hafiz to ALL my BROTHERS

    • It is against Quranic teachings to call someone with an insulting name or a name they do not like. We may dislike Mr. Qadri vehemently it still does not give us any right to abuse his name. thanks

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