‘War on terror’ actually aimed at Islam

Public opinion polls show that the vast majority of the world’s Muslims know that the “War on Terror” is a barely-disguised War on Islam. And it isn’t just Muslims who understand this. So do all serious Western strategic thinkers.

Press TV:
One of the few who is willing to say it openly is James Schall, Professor of Government at Georgetown University and Hoover Institute strategist: “I always thought it was a mistake not to say what Iraq really was, that is, a war against an expanding Islam.”

But today – eleven and one-half years after the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center launched the War on Islam – that war is bogged down in the mother of all quagmires.
The neoconservatives who orchestrated 9/11 hoped that their stealth war on Islam would achieve quick regime change throughout the Middle East, and break the back of Islamic political movements worldwide. To that end, they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in order to surround Iran with US military bases. They intended to invade Iran, and destroy its Islamic revolution, by 2005 at the latest.

But the heroic resistance of the Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians, and shrewd strategic moves by Iran – together with ideological challenges by the peace movement, the 9/11 truth movement, and the anti-Zionist movement – slowed them down.

By August of 2007, neocon front man Dick Cheney realized that his last opportunity to invade Iran was slipping from his grasp. So Cheney’s rogue network attempted to steal nuclear weapons from the US arsenal at Minot Air Force Base, with the intention of using those weapons, whether in the US itself or the Middle East, in order to trigger all-out war on Iran.

Stupid move. The nuke-thieves got caught. Dozens were suicided or met “accidental” deaths.

The command structure of the US military does not look kindly on people who try to steal nuclear weapons – even if the thief-in-chief is the Vice President of the United States.


Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. ……………………..

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  1. as a ‘side-effect’ war on terror in fact also targets Arab Christians. Arab Christians are treated by the Israelis the same as Arab (Palestinian) Muslims. And the Western Christians either do not take notice or do not care. – War on terror therefore is a war on Islam, but with the secondary aim of war on any one not ‘slave’ to Israeli politics.

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