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  1. If Ansar Abbasi sahib is against secularism then he cannot be any educated person. Secular system stands for “Live and let live.” That is like “lakum deenukum wa Lia deen”. i.e. “For you your faith and for me my faith.”

    Even Isa a.s. had said “Give unto Kaisar what is Kaisar’s and unto God what is God’s.” It was the enemies who were trying to trap Hazrat Isa a.s. so that they could report him to the authorities that he was against giving tax to the Emperor Kaisar of Rome. And if he agreed to giving tax to Kaisar, he will go against the Jewish law.

    I am sure that hazrat Isa a.s. gave the verdict against any politics in religion. But people like ansar Abbasi sahib want power for their religion. They think they (Like Jama’at Islami) can spread more goodness if they have political power for Islam.
    Already they have done much damage to the cause of Islam with the little power they have.
    Hazrat Ibraheem a.s. was much disturbed by the kings notorious part in the matters of (Deen)religion. Under divine guidance, he settled his eldest son, Ismael a.s. in the wilderness of Arabia, i.e. far away from the politics of the kings and rulers.
    How can we convince ansar Abbasi sahib to come to some true and honest reporting!!

  2. Ansar Abasi and Altaf Hassan Qureshi are representing a school of thought among Pakistani Journalists who used to tell lie! The sad part is they are proud to be associated with Islam. Perhaps they never know the most ugly thing in Islam is Telling Lie! So what we expect from a liar! Now imagin a liar who represent by his ways a religious
    A conscious mind understand the pervasive ugliness of this behaviour! It is simply destroying Pakistani generations!
    Besides I appreciate attempts of Nasim Malik Sb to show them their ACTION ITEMS..!

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