US study endorses Islam as fastest growing religion in world

Washington, NU Online:
A recent study by a US forum has endorsed that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and extremely popular in youth who are enthusiastic and curious to know the facts and conduct research to reach the truth.

According to the recent study conducted by the Washington-based Pew Forum, Islam, the second largest religion in the world, is rapidly increasing across the globe and has the lowest median age as half of the Muslims are 23-year-old or younger, compared to 28 for the whole world population.




Exact numbers for religious populations are impossible to obtain and estimates for the size of the larger faiths can vary by hundreds of millions. The study by Pew Forum appears to be one of the most extensive to date.

There are about 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, or 23 percent of the global population. “The overwhelming majority (87-90 percent) are Sunnis, about 10-13 percent are Shia Muslims,” the study said.

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8 replies

  1. While Muslims can rejoice on this issue of growth, all religions claim the same thing but my point is that thousands upon thousands of Muslims are also leaving Islam because of horrible actions of some so-called custodians of Islam. That include; Preachers, Mullahs, Imams, Scholars and Dawah missionaries who converted to Christianity. In Denmark alone more than 600 Muslims have gone over to Christianity. Islamophobia is fast becoming a norm and Muslim youths are turning to violence, terror and Salafism. Is this you call progress?
    According to research carried out by the respected Pakistani-born American Muslim Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus (1932 – 2007), 75% of New Muslim Converts in the US leave Islam within a few years.
    While Christians who turn to Islam are feted, the 200,000 Muslims who turned away are faced with abuse, violence and even murder
    The number of ethnic Muslims in Russia who adopted Christianity is 2 million, while the number of the Orthodox who have been converted to Islam is only 2,5 thousand.
    In Africa, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity every year.

  2. Figures quoted by Bashay Quraishy are disturbing. Of course it feels good to know that Islam is the fastest growing religion today but actually seeing the kind of Islam prevalent in the world is highly concerning. I hope the actual quality of Muslims would improve rather than simply multiplying in numbers, otherwise even those numbers may ultimately backfire.

  3. I remember reading an article that every year 6 million muslims or more convert to Christianity only in Africa!!! Am not sure whether Islam is that fast anywhere in the world!!!!

  4. The 6 Million annual converts from Islam to Christianity was given by Muslim Scholars, not by some Christian Wishful sources. Please check it out yourself in you tube, search in you tube for conversion from Islam to Christianity, you will easily find it there. God Bless!

  5. If you want to know the percentage of converting of Islam or Christian just watch Dr.zakir Nayik speech and you will see there in a seconds more than 10 to 20 of people covering to islam same like no one in cristians.

    In muslim 1000 s of people same like Zaire Nayik. The world knows that secretly islam is the good, helpful and loving religion. Anti islam groups still following Islamic rules in for their unique. Islam is innocent religion and they giving pure and 100% love. Why all world converted to islam and turn against islam. Now all the scientists developing their research through Quran. Whatever scientifically proven to the world it’s all printed in quran before 1450 years.

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