Muslim scholars and clerics: suicide bombings are un-Islamic.

A conference of religious leaders is set to meet in January in Afghanistan specifically to publicize the fact that suicide bombing violence is not in the Quran.

By Scott Peterson, Staff writer / December 24, 2012 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR


Suicide bombers in Afghanistan have shown little restraint: Wedding parties and even mosques and children have witnessed gruesome targeting by the Taliban against civilians.

But as attacks soared in the summer and fall, killing scores of civilians every week – including at least 40 Muslim devotees at a mosque in late October –public revulsion has turned into unprecedented condemnation.

For the first time in late January, Muslim scholars and clerics from around the world will come to Kabul specifically to condemn suicide bombings as un-Islamic. The conference will be the first to focus on suicide bombing, and its framers hope the result will reverberate beyond Afghanistan.

“Many times, scholars in Pakistan and Afghanistan have made statements but had no influence,” says Mufti Shamsur Rahman Firotan, a religious scholar in Kabul. “This one will have influence, and will give the idea to the people that suicide attacks are forbidden. The message is for all: in Iraq, in Pakistan, all these [militant jihadist] groups.”

Senior United Nations officials have challenged religious officials to speak more loudly against attacks carried out in the name of Islam, while Afghan religious scholars have long decried suicide attacks, with little response by the ultra-conservative Taliban. An official gathering this summer resolved that suicide attacks “have no legitimate foundation in Islam.”

It had little effect at the time. But those declarations have now been further bolstered. Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, the highest religious authority in the birthplace of Islam and respected by the Taliban, explicitly condemned suicide bombing.

Yet since Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheikh issued such a high-profile public statement in late October, Taliban suicide attacks have continued, some with multiple bombers. But Afghan religious scholars say momentum is building against them.

One reason is because Mr. Abdulaziz “does have influence on the Taliban,” says Mr. Firotan, who is a member of Afghanistan’s Ulema Council of Islamic scholars, which has long campaigned against civilian deaths.

“The Taliban think we are their enemies, so they don’t respect our declarations,” says Mr. Firotan. “But Mufti Aziz is respected by them, and all around the Islamic world…. It has influence.”


2 replies

  1. Ki Mairay qatal kay ba’ad usnay jafaa say taubah,

    Haa-aye us zood pashaimaan kaa pashaimaan honaa !!

    translation: After killing me, that one (my beloved) decided (vowed) not to do any more killing!!
    What a quick repentance and what a quick sorry face!!

    There are people who had been telling the same thing for the last 100 years i.e. not to kill any one. Those people (Jama’at) were blamed as being anti-jihad and anti-Islam.

    It is never too late to make a mend. Let us hope that armed Jihadis will agree that bombing, killing is not Jihad.

    I feel that those scholars should first admit their fault for being too late in giving a good verdict. They should repent for giving wrong lesson to the poor Muslims in the past.
    May Allah help those who can’t help themselves.

  2. Why was this important unIslammic issue of suicide bombings under the pretext of Islaam not addressed immediately?

    The very first incident should have been nipped in the bud , with a vehement outcry from the global Ulema.

    I have always condemned suicide bombings because ALLAAH(S.W.T.) has forbidden suicide in HIS WORDS IN AL-QUR’AAN.( but of course had no access to vocalize my revulsion of how others were blatantly ignoring ALLAAH (S.W.T.) commands.

    Also refer to Surah (48)- Fath where ALLAAH (S.W.T) tells us not involve in indiscriminate killing (obviously unjust & UnIslaamic ) .

    Also the Prophet Muhummud (S.A.W.) had specifically forbidden , during war time , killing of children, women & old men , in fact he even chastised some his companions when they killed the counter warring party & opted for capture of the enemy. (PERUSE SAHEEH BUKHARI PLEASE).

    N.B. When a Muslim kills a Muslim , their recompense is Hell (Jahunnum). READ AL-QUR’AAN & SAHEEH BUKHARI. with due care & consideration & let it sink into one’s consciousness

    An old,free Muslim woman(S.A.)

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