Egypt’s draft charter gets ‘yes’ majority in vote

Source: TOI

CAIRO: Egypt’s disputed constitution has received a “yes” majority of more than 70% in the second and final round of voting on the referendum, according to preliminary results released early Sunday by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The results, posted on the Brotherhood’s website, show that 71.4% of those who voted Saturday said “yes” after 95.5% of the ballots were counted. Only about eight of the 25 million Egyptians eligible to vote, a turnout of about 30%, cast their ballots.


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  1. True. Brotherhood should keep in mind the charter of Madinah (0622 A.D.) and the peace proposals of Hudaibiyah (0627?). They should also keep in mind and truthfully implement the process of the victory of Makkah.

    I will also remind the brotherhood members to follow the peaceful way of the second Khalifah, hazrat Umar rz.a. when he took over the keys of city of Jerusalem.

    He asked the Christians as to what they wanted. And he practically gave them everything that they wanted. He got it all written down and signed the document.
    The Christian leaders could not believe that to be true. So they demanded that some prominent companions of the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) should also sign that document.
    Six Sahabah immediately signed the paper. That document of peaceful take over must be available even today in some museum in Paris.
    If brotherhood people will not give guarantee of peace to all people of Egypt, including the moderate Muslims, they (brotherhood) will soon be retreating back into hollow space.

    They have to give complete peace and look after their own affairs carefully. If they misbehave with any one, including their neighbor (Israel), they will suffer. Brotherhood should never follow the path of Ayatullah Khumaini or Mulla Umar. I can describe the mistake of Khumaini sahib and Mulla Umar by a few verses of the end chapters of the Quran. That will prove that they were not thankful to Allah and not guided Imams.
    May Allah guide the Egyptians to seek peace within and without.

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