‘Oasis’ offers safe haven, opportunities for women in Zaatari Refugee Camp

UNFPA Programme Director Mabingue Ngom (right) and the agency’s assistant representative, Muna Idris (centre), speak to Syrian women at the Zaatari Refugee Camp on Monday (Photo by Raad Adayleh)

by Areej Abuqudairi | JORDAN TIMES

MAFRAQ — A centre offering women a “safe haven” and “learning opportunities” was launched at the Zaatari Refugee Camp on Monday.

“We noticed that girls and women feel bored as they have nothing to do. This oasis provides a friendly and safe environment for them to meet up and learn new skills,” said Muna Idris, assistant representative of the UNFPA, one of the key partners of the “Women and Girls Oasis”.

“It is also an opportunity for women to spend time together and share their experiences and stories. It is one way of helping them take out their worries,” Idris told The Jordan Times.

According to Onyango Makogango, programme specialist at UN Women, another partner of the project, the “oasis” will offer women the space to develop income-generating projects.

“In two trailers, we will deliver tailoring workshops for Syrian women to help them improve their skills and later on support themselves and their families financially,” Makogango said.

“We identified six talented women from the camp who can teach other women. Later on, we will provide them with equipment,” he added.

During an open day to promote the centre’s activities, Syrian women showcased handmade jewellery and embroidery they had fashioned during training sessions conducted by UNFPA and the Noor Al Hussein Foundation’s Institute for Family Health.

“Over the past couple of months, I learnt how to knit,” said Nada, from the southern Syrian city of Daraa.

“I feel my experience was more than playing with the threads. I made new friends, both Jordanian and Syrian. It helped me cope with the camp and stop thinking about what I saw back in Syria,” she added.

“It is a great feeling to see something you created with your hands after months of hardship. When I look at this, I think one can actually go on with life despite difficulties,” the 20-year-old noted, pointing at a bright green shawl she had knitted.

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