UK Nurse Suicide: Duchess of Cambridge hospital accuses DJs of humiliating nurses with prank call

By Claire Duffin and Laura Donnelly of  The Telegraph Two Australian DJs who made a hoax call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge subjected its nurses to “humiliation”, its bosses have said.

One of the nurses fooled by the prank, Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found dead yesterday, having apparently committed suicide.
Lord Glenarthur, chairman of King Edward VII’s Hospital, has now written to Australian radio station condemning the call, in which two presenters pretended to be the Queen and the Prince of Wales. In the letter to Max Moore-Wilton, chairman of Southern Cross Austereo – the parent company of 2DayFM, Lord Glenarthur said: “I am writing to protest in the strongest possible terms about the hoax call made from your radio station, 2DayFM, to this hospital last Tuesday.

“King Edward VII’s Hospital cares for sick people, and it was extremely foolish of your presenters even to consider trying to lie their way through to one of our patients, let alone actually make the call.” He added that the decision to transmit the pre-recorded call was “truly appalling”. More..

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  1. Very sad. Very naive on the part of the Australian DJs. However I think that it is too easy to pour blame on those DJs. I think, equally to be blamed, is the media that has given unneccesary coverage to the prank calls. We are also uncertain about the potential bullying of that Nurse by the Hospital administration. I hope that nobody blames the Duchess for getting pregnant.

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