A Response to Churchill on Islam A Sister Toldja Post

I resent Churchill’s use of Mohammedanism instead of Islam – shows man’s lack of education and prejudice against Islam.

The Muslims and Islam as has been seen in the last century and in the more recent times, are not the true reflection of what the Quran teaches or the Prophet Islam taught.

Quran says, ” Do not create disorder on earth.”

In the Wars that Churchill launched and have had to fight, did he not create any disorder on the earth? Answer is massive. So he should not be pointing fingers socially, economically and politically disadvantaged Muslims of Africa in Churchill’s time.

With the fall of Islamic powers and degeneration or digression of Muslims from the pristine message of Islam much like their Christian and Jewish brethren – what befell the Muslims when Churchill had the misfortune to see and make his snappy comments about Islam and those disadvantaged Muslims is really pathetic.

The rise and fall of Islamic values and its political powers was clearly predicted and Muslims were warned if they failed to be cognizant of it was going to cost Muslims heavily and for centuries before they would see a return of the glorious days not by unjust wars that Churchill brought upon the world and the massive damages that he is responsible for. He was not hero when compared to the Holy Prophet of Islam who never did any mass killings by bombs and firepower that Churchill possessed and used like a maniac. In all the wars that the Prophet of Islam fought (in defense) during his life time barely 1000 or 2000 people were killed. At the prime of his power when Prophet Mohammed returns to Mecca (his home town that he had to flee due to persecution) he had an army of 10000 followers. Not a single person was killed when reentering Mecca.

And Bible had quite rightly predicted this return that Churchill read must have a thousand times before he died – ” He shall march with 10000 saints with words in his left and a fairy law in his right.” This does not fit Churchill but precisely fits the Prophet of Islam for Bible say “he shall rise from Mount Paran, from the region of Arabia…”

Churchill’s comments are a poor reflection of both his own Bible and wider knowledge of Islam.

The 20TH Century is the timeline for the reemergence of the glory of Islam but not through the wars like Churchill as a Christian waged and which the many misguided Muslims think may be the way but through “power of peace” that world has not seen. The power of pen and not the firepower that the all nations including the misguided Muslim nations like Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia aspire and many misguided Muslims may believe in.

The new world order will be established through divine intervention in of two ways (1) either accept the God given wisdom that we the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community share with to forsake and drop notions of all kinds of warfare and follow the peaceful path for global beneficence (2) or face the consequence of the divine intervention that will be sudden, bewildering and far more devastating than the Tsunami that Indonesia faced.

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  1. TO HANIF KOYA, I am ordinary old; free Muslim woman ;with no prefixes or suffixes after the term Muslim & am only reasonably versed in the Quraan & Sahih Bukhari.

    i agree with you on the above , however my point why bother with Churchill , when he is deceased & not currently around to defend himself.

    the above is akin to the cartoonist & the recent anti Islaam filmmaker who portrays & the Prophet Muhummud (Peace be upon him) for what he was not, & who is also not present physically on this earth to defend himself(i.e. Muhummud (Peace be upon him), very much like that Nabi Isa (peace be upon him); aka Jesus; is not around to defend his purported portrayal in the film the Da Vinci code.

    both movies are fallacious in their msg & need the treatment of Ignoretherapy , because THE ONLY ONE CREATOR; ALLAAH(S.W.T.) (GOD IN ENGLISH & other language equivalents).says explicitly in the QURAAN “To the IGNORANT say “Peace””. (SAUDI ARABIAN TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH -OF QURAAN -PRINTED IN KING FAHD COMPLEX) , based on Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s 1945 translation.

    Finally remember some humans (of course not all are human; ) are deaf, dumb, blind (not physically, but otherwise), so don’t fret too much.

  2. Sister FAWZIA BAYAT your views are well taken. Churchill is dead but his words are still alive and being used to make certain assertions as Sister Toldja did in her post that has generated quiet a discussion.

    What I said here is actually part of the response in her post.

    Our job is to correct and wrong views regardless whether the person is dead or alive. To use Churchill’s old thoughts to add insult to injury. Most educated people in today’s world know that the term Mohammedanism is wrong. The correct word is Islam as mentioned in the Quran. It is now widely being taught at schools, colleges and universities as such.

    Plus, Churchill took a very narrow view of Muslims of the third world countries which I believe was notorious on his part and equally notorious are views that not being shared in this day and age when facts are so manifest.

    It will be helpful for a meaningful discussions to point out and specific thing that said is wrong.


  3. For all who might not be in position to get the facts about Churchill.
    Here are some facts…the person mainly resposible for the World War II Was, Mr. Churchill.
    He and Roosevelt were maily responsible for killing of millions and millions of Human beings in this world and are also responsible for the bloodshedding after the War, particularly in Palestine, korea, Vietnam, African countries and Middle East.
    He was very intolerant in all aspects, and the Fight was a personal WAr against germany and Hitler.

  4. This word Mohammadanism smacks of Muslims ‘worshiping’ the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), instead of the one true God – Allah. Hence, the general objection that Muslims have of being called Muhammadans.

    And as Mr. Koya has rightly mentioned, the Holy Qur’an also calls our religion Islam and it’s followers Muslims.

    So, while Churchill might be dead, he’s still doing untold harm when people quote him in their writing or speeches as the example in the above articles shows.

  5. You & I are well aware that we do not , never have & never will worship anyone (human ) except Allaah (S.W.T.).

    perhaps if at present anyone uses the term Muhummudanism , then we should the issue then & there to eradicate ignorance.

    Fortunately for me , most english christians i have met ; know the meaning of a muslim & i have been; of recent defining the term Muslim , Islaam & that Nabi Isa (p.b.u.h) is a Muslim as ; was every Prophet prior to Muhummud (S.A.W.)from Aadam (A.S.)

    I agree with you on the issue that Churchill was ignorant about Islaam , but lets stick to the present.

    there are numerous christians of various denominations who still do not understand the words : Muslim & Islaam. most of them equate Islaam with (in their minds) oppression & subjugation.

    let us enlighten them without dividing Islaam into sects. (which ALLAAH (S.W.T.) explicitly condemns in AL QURAAN.

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