Burkina Faso: President deplores Muslim violence

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) —

President Blaise Compaoré, a convert to Islam

calls on Muslims to stop using violence as a way of expressions.

Compaore, who is a convert to Islam, said that violence should not be the response of Muslims to provocations, even from the maker of the film of the Prophet Muhammad. Compaore described the filmmaker as a ‘‘brainless man who thinks he has the right to despise the religious feelings of others.’’

Compaore deplored the street violence of recent days, saying the ‘‘credibility and greatness’’ of Islam is not through violence.

Compaore’s government is currently trying to negotiate with the Islamist extremists who have seized the northern half of Mali.end of story marker.

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  1. Am in agreement with the above stance,but then each one’s brain cells unfortunately operate differently.

    If ;of course some of us(humans ) have any brain cells.

  2. My calling

    Name: K.Duba
    E mail: dubakeh@gmail.com
    Date: 2014/09/14

    The following is when my calling came to pass, which it came through dreams. The messages that are written hereunder are still coming even to date.

    Please find attached for your information and dissemination to church members.
    Remember the Lord is your shepherd.
    I would like to share this information with you about my dreams.
    When Jesus comes the earth will shake and the clouds will be black, with a lot of
    Lightning, those who will be going to heaven will go through the black clouds and they won’t be afraid to go through.

    It happened that one day while I was in my sleep, I dreamt that I must go and buy the bible.
    I didn’t buy it. After about 18-20 months or so the very same dream come and said to me
    “go and buy a bible” I bought one. I kept this bible at my home I never read it. After a long
    time a dream said to me read Leviticus in the bible. I didn’t even know that there was a book
    called Leviticus in the bible, I read it. After that another dream said “read “Deuteronomy,
    Nehemiah, Peter and Hebrews. I began to have more dreams of chapters and verses.
    The dream told me that everything that I dreamt was from God. I was told to go and tell
    the whole world about the Sabbath and the Sabbath keeping. There was a time when I was told
    to go and tell the bishops that God wants to be worshipped on Saturday. I went and I conveyed the message to them. Then I was not a church goer.

    People must bring offering at church.
    Everything in the bible is true.
    Man must not shave on the Sabbath day.
    God must be worshipped on Saturday.
    It was only Adam and Eve that God created.
    Destitute people, orphans and widows need to be helped and they must be looked after.
    When Jesus comes the earth will shake and there will be black clouds with a lot of lightning.
    Those who will be going to heaven will be going through the black clouds. They won’t be
    afraid to go through.
    Where there is a ritual people bow to the idols.
    We must not eat sacrifice offered to the dead people.
    God does not want even a drop of liquor in our blood.
    God wants honest people.
    God still talk to people like he did to Moses.
    I was told to go to Seventh Day Adventist Church (to attend there).
    The Sabbath day must be kept holy.
    I was told to tell young and the grey haired men about the Sabbath.
    Nobody must chew chap pies on Sabbath day.
    Those who are still doing the rituals for ancestors must be left alone they will stop gradually,
    however it is wrong to do so.
    Many years ago people assembled, it was on Sunday and they negotiated and came up with
    Sunday to be a day to worship God.
    It is wrong to worship God on Sunday.
    Women must stop cooking on Sabbath day.
    Men must love the breast of their wives.
    Man and their wives must not separate like Adam and Eve did because the enemy will go

    between them.
    On the Sabbath day people should not pick peaches (fruits) from the trees.
    People must not bother to keep the corps until in the afternoon there is nothing wrong in
    burying the dead anytime of the day.
    People do not want to listen.
    We must not slaughter animals hoping that we are doing it for God, God has nothing to do
    with that blood.
    Funerals should not be conducted on Saturday.
    People should not wed on Saturday.
    People must be told that Jesus is coming very soon.
    Geysers must be switched off on Sabbath day.
    We must not forget God when things go well and pray when we are in trouble, we must
    pray all the time. God is always with us.
    God wants us to believe in him and do his will.
    People must stop slaughtering animals after they have lost a beloved one for cleansing
    ceremony Jesus blood has done it all.
    God is very angry.
    The beast mark is coming very soon, people must be aware.
    Women must not wear men’s clothes.
    People must not open their eyes when the prayer is in progress. They must wait until
    the person who is praying says amen, even if you are being disturbed don’t open your
    eyes before the word amen.
    Wednesday prayer meetings must not be stopped, it must be continued because it is important.
    People must be encouraged to bring offering at church for it is important to do so.
    People must grab the word of Jesus while is still found.
    When three people are talking about his name there is joy in heaven.
    Pray for forgiveness every time you leave.
    Who told you to wear a perfume? Do not wear perfume.
    There are so many things which are prepared for us at home in heaven.
    Time for grace is running out.

    Those who believe in him will hear his voice. People should remain in church the whole day
    on the Sabbath day.
    If we do not stop our ways we shall see the lightning’s which we have never seen before.
    The sky was black when that message was conveyed to me.
    It seemed as if the rain was coming but it never came.
    Thereafter the sky became very very red as if there was fire.
    During that time we were warned that we must stop our ways, though some people were scared,
    to some they were carrying on with their daily businesses.
    We were warned that the world is coming to an end.
    The voice said people take Me (God) for granted, the voice said I made heaven and the earth.
    It will take us more than one day to go to heaven.
    We will be surprised by the people whom we do not think that they will make it to heaven.
    Regular church goers many of them won’t make it to heaven.
    I was told that I must go and tell the whole world that God wants to be worshipped on
    People who are wearing beads should not even enter into the Lord’s house.
    Get out of the things that are not yours.
    The voice said we must stop our ways. When we take a bath man should go first.
    God wants people to come back to him and stop their ways. Instead of stopping their ways
    they will turn against the person who is conveying the message that he/she is betraying them.

    Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy and do no work.
    I saw a lot of lizards coming from above, coming down like pouring rain at the time I was inside the house some of the lizards entered into the house. When I looked outside I couldn’t see the grass or
    the soil. They (lizard) covered all the ground they kept on moving around. It was not clear whether
    they were eating the grass or they were just roaming around.
    In the world once walked a symbol of peace called Jesus Christ.
    In the beginning God was worshipped on Saturday.
    Those who do not leave and turn away from their rituals are casting fire upon their heads.
    I saw floods, houses and in buses were submerging and people were drowning.
    The food which will be eaten in heaven is like honey.
    We must eat unleavened bread.
    Teach people about the Sabbath (the Lord’s Day of rest) those who believe baptize them.
    Some of the people will cry and say we were told and we didn’t listen.
    People must worship God on Saturday, keep the Sabbath day holy.
    If one take part in the Lord’s Supper after having washed his/her feet, in the next three following days
    there will be no diseased/sickness that will enter the body through the feet.
    If you listen to My (God) commands, I will put no disease into your body.
    Do not break God’s day the Sabbath day.
    Love God your creator.
    Endure cold you will get blessings
    Do not light fire on the Sabbath day.
    Those who do not want to listen must be left alone.
    Victory will be when Jesus comes, time has come.
    When there is Holy Spirit in your life you have everything including food.
    There must be no candle light when we pray.
    Who told you to worship God on Sunday instead of Saturday?
    People (you) are playing games with (Me) God.
    I saw many women gathered with their heads wrapped with cloths. They were singing as a
    Choir a song with the message that Sabbath day is on Saturday.
    The hand that gives is powerful.
    Do not just eat any food even if someone persuades you to eat.
    You shall gather on the Sabbath day.
    A hundred year old person will be like a child.
    Men should not be led by women.
    A tree spoken about at the Garden of Eden was just a pure fruit tree.
    Serve God on the Sabbath day.
    When Jesus comes with the clouds every eye will see Him. Where ever you are, you will see
    Him and drop everything you do and look up the sky. Even the doctors who will be operating
    patients will leave them and go outside to look up to the sky.
    People who keep the law of God suffer the most.
    The socialites are running after the things of this world

    People who conduct ceremonies are bowing to their own gods. Don’t eat their sacrifice food,
    don’t sit with them and don’t even talk with them. Their food will defile you.
    There is nothing wrong with the food, what defiles the food is when they talk to the dead.
    Don’t even mention their gods. God hates such acts. People who do that won’t see the kingdom of heaven.
    When you hear his voice don’t harden your hearts.
    Men and women filled the room, they were singing a song which says Sabbath should be kept holy.
    Do not covet.
    Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort.
    How long will you refuse to keep My (God) command? Keep Saturday holy do not work on that day.
    Do not keep Sunday holy.
    Hair must not be braided or styled.
    Everything must come to a standstill on the Sabbath day (Saturday), except to worship God.

    When you pray with your eyes open God does not listen to your prayer.
    Those who eat swine will go straight into the fire.
    Satan is going to the fire.
    I saw floods houses sub-merged in the water. It happened in a blink of an eye.
    The poor should not be neglected
    Short skirts or short dresses should not be worn. There should be no slit in front or at the back.
    Women must not open their legs when sitting (Women must sit up properly.)
    The Sabbath starts on Friday when the sun sets it ends on Saturday when the sun sets.
    Sabbath day is on Saturday.
    Lips must not be smeared.
    Do not style your hair. God does not like the saloon.
    People should not work on Saturday.
    Those who do not want to listen must be left alone.
    All nations should worship God on Saturday.
    No work should be done on the Sabbath day.
    Worship God on the seventh day.
    Kindly acknowledge the receipt of these messages just to ensure that you have received it.
    The following chapters and verses are just a few that I have dreamt.

    Jer. 1:7, Deut. 28:14, John 4:22, John 12:42, Mark 7:6-8, Lev 19:26-37, Matt 6:10, James 2:9-10,
    Rev.2:17, Eccles 9:10, Jer.7:27, Gal 5:20, Gen 2:2, Gen 19:14, Gen 3:16, Dan 1:12. Matt.5:9-13 and John.16:1-4.


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