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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing. A very valid point raised against AQ Khan’s comments. Atleast somebody had the courage to realise the anti-national attitude of Dr.AQ Khan. Inspite of being a Pakistani AQ Khan identifies himeslf with Bhopal “India”. What a pride of Dr. AQ Khan.

    In my opinion, speaking against the Ahmaides , AQ Khan is trying to get mass support for himself in Pakistan. One of the esiest way to become a sort of ‘hero’, is to speak in someway or the other against the Ahmadies.

    May Allah open the eyes & hearts of the honest people to understand the truth.

  2. Well done Nusrat javed, Pakistan needs more coureagous journalists like you who can sopeak the truth. As far as A Q Khan is concerned he is not loyal to Pakistan, he has only self interest and will do anything to promote himself.

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