Yiwu hosts China’s growing Muslim community, as well as massive mall

Finishing touches have just been made on a 25 million yuan (approximately $4 million) mosque that’s being used by Yiwu’s estimated 35,000 Muslims, one third of whom can be found at the religious center during its busiest prayer periods.

NBC Producer Aarne Heikkila recently traveled to Yiwu, China, a city renowned for its 70,000 wholesale vendors selling everything from plastic figurines to rubber bands, jewelry to exercise books.

Recently trade between China and the Arab world, in particular, has been booming. The city is home to what is said to be one of the fastest growing Muslim communities in mainland China.

Source: NBC NEWS

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  1. Its time to establish at least one regular missionary center in Shanghai or Beijing as soon as possible. Jama’at should start preparation, May Allah be with us. Allah has already gave glad-tiding to Khalifatul-Mesiah the 3rd that horses are riding towards China with success.

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