Spy-gadget war rages between Hezbollah, Israel

BEIRUT: Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s acknowledgment that three members of Hezbollah had been caught spying, two of them for the CIA, is the first time that the party has admitted in public that a Western intelligence organization has infiltrated its ranks.

The internal security of Hezbollah is known to be formidable. Israel for years has attempted to penetrate the upper ranks of the party, although unsuccessfully as far as anyone can tell. Hezbollah’s secrecy stems not only from pervasive and tireless counter-espionage and internal security departments, but also from the sense of personal security adopted by the cadres.

Newly arrived strangers in a town, village or neighborhood where Hezbollah predominates are quickly noted and their presence reported. Anyone who has spent time travelling around areas of Lebanon under Hezbollah’s control will probably at least once have been tailed by a grim-faced fighter riding an off-road motorcycle, or possibly stopped and questioned, politely but sternly, as to the purpose of one’s visit.

It was reported recently that the military attaché at the Dutch Embassy in Damascus was detained by tribesmen near Baalbek and transported to Syrian territory before he was released. According to diplomatic sources, however, the attaché was picked up by suspicious Hezbollah men when he was caught roaming around remote and sensitive areas of the northern Bekaa Valley.

Apparently, that was not the first time that the inquisitive diplomat has found his passage blocked by armed and uniformed Hezbollah fighters while driving along dirt tracks in Lebanon’s mountains.

Although the Lebanese security services and Hezbollah have rounded up dozens of Israeli-paid agents in the past two years, none of them have been card-carrying members of the party.

Marwan Faqih, the owner of a garage in Nabatieh who allegedly planted GPS tracking devices within vehicles of Hezbollah members, was potentially the closest Israel has come to penetrating the organization in recent years.

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