Harvest of blood

The graphic images of 19-year-old Sarfaraz Shah hauled up for allegedly attempting to rob people with a gun and mask, begging the Sindh Rangers to spare his life and eventually losing his life have shocked the nation.

During the last three decades, our law enforcement agencies seem to have concluded, and as a society we seem to concur, that our criminal justice system does not work, so vigilante actions and murder in the name of police encounters are acceptable. Then why are we so shocked, aside from the obvious horror of the visuals?

Imagine a slightly different scenario. The same young man, ostensibly caught red-handed robbing visitors to the park, but this time the crowd decides to take the situation into its own hands. Their faces are contorted with rage; their bloody fists pummel him relentlessly while his muffled cries and pleas for mercy grow silent as they beat him to death.

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Categories: Crime, Human Rights, Pakistan

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