Obama on Afghanistan: strategic drawdown or rush for the door?

There is a growing temptation in the United States to rush to the exit inAfghanistanPresident Obama’s decision to pull out 33,000 troops by next summer – 10,000 in 2011 and another 23,000 in 2012 – may amplify calls for a complete withdrawal as some Americans try to wash their hands from what was once “the good war”. How times have changed.

Those who call for an immediate, full exit are making a grave mistake. Such an approach risks an outcome that should be unacceptable in Washington and London: a Taliban takeover of all, or substantial portions, of Afghanistan.

That President Obama’s remarks did not include a long-term commitment to assistance – like that offered to Japan and Korea decades ago – will be of great concern in Afghanistan. Without such a commitment, Afghanistan, its neighbours and its enemies will likely interpret President Obama’s statement as indicating a complete withdrawal. Read more:

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  1. Of course the troups should leave as soon as possible. Occupation is never a solution. At present maybe 99% of the cost of the Afghanistan ‘adventure’ is for the military and 1% for civilian assistance. Let the US (and other nations) save 95% and spend 5% for civilian assistance, that would be 5 times more than now and would really make a difference.

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