George Jonas: Siding against Israel is logical, but wrong

There is no likelihood that the U.S. will do the logical thing and vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN this fall,” lamented Andrew Sullivan recently. I’m not optimistic enough to share the noted pundit’s pessimism. I think there’s a good chance that the U.S. will do the logical rather than the right thing this fall.

Would it be logical for America — or Canada, for that matter — to line up with the Arab/Muslim side against Israel in the Middle East? Yes. It’s perfectly logical to line up with the many against the few; the resource-rich against the resource-poor; the militant against the non-threatening, and the adamant against the accommodating. People have done it since time immemorial. It may not be right, but it’s logical.

The Arab/Muslim side offers the West the carrot of plentiful oil at affordable prices, and the stick of plentiful terror at unaffordable cost. Israel has no comparable carrot and stick to bring to the table. It can only offer a functional, high-tech democracy and a reliable alliance in exchange for the West’s support.

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