African women vendors pose threat even to cops


JEDDAH: African women street vendors in Jeddah’s historic Balad Area pose a potential threat not only to retailers but to police officers as well, say market sources and municipal officials.

A large number of such women sell low quality products, especially herbal cosmetics and sexual stimulants, at cheaper rates at temporary stalls on both sides of streets, mainly in Souq Al-Badawi in downtown Balad.

These women often confront security officials with abusive language and even dare to attack them in their bid to escape during periodic raids, Al-Watan newspaper reported.

According to market sources, these women are very clever and employ every possible trick to sell their products.

They manage to attract both male and female customers by undercutting retailers in the area. Women customers buy mainly duplicate cosmetics, polish items and other accessories. These vendors also sell various types of herbal sexual stimulants to their male customers.

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