Seculars: Religious education intolerant

Ynet-Yesodot survey reveals state religious schools praised for moral education but perceived as segregating themselves from Israeli public

The state religious education is perceived as segregating itself from the Israeli public, although it “teaches tolerance towards fellowmen,” a Ynet-Yesodot survey reveals.

The survey was conducted by the Panels research institute among 502 respondents – a national representative sample of the adult Jewish population in Israel. The maximal sampling error is 4.4%.

The strength of the state religious education according to 38% of respondents is first and foremost moral education. There are no disagreements on this issue, and among all sectors this trait was ranked first: Seculars – 34%, traditional Jews – 51%, religious Jews – 38%, and haredim – 40%.

Twenty-two percent noted the teaching of giving to the State and leadership in the army and society, 15% – the education for faith and observing mitzvoth and combining them in modern life, and 4% the high level of studies. Six percent chose to mention other points, and 15% had no opinion on the matter. Read more



Categories: Israel, Judaism, Religion

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