Arab democracy protests could threaten Israel

by Eveline Kobler in Tunis,

The Swiss ambassador to Israel says the democratisation process sweeping through the Arab world could pose a threat to Israeli security.
Walter Haffner also tells that the agreement aimed at uniting the main Palestinian factions is a positive development.

The interview was conducted on the sidelines of the regional conference of Swiss ambassadors that took place in Tunis from May 1 to 3. What impact has the reconciliation pact signed between Fatah and Hamas had on Palestinian-Israeli negotiations?
Walter Haffner: One must first note that no peace talks have taken place over the past two years…

From a Swiss point of view, it is certainly positive for the short and mid term that the Palestinians are striving to agree on a unity government. If at some point a Palestinian state comes into being, it must be led by a united government that represents all Palestinians. One must now wait to see if the internal Palestinian reconciliation process continues and what results may come of it. Palestinian reconciliation will at first complicate the situation for Israel.

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