China’s ruling Communist Party has acknowledged the value of religious freedom

The Chinese government invited The Jakarta Post’s Ridwan Max Sijabat to China from April 18 to April 27. The following is his report of the trip:

Islam in China: Islamic boarding school students walk to a mosque after helping with renovation work at their school building in a Muslim housing compound in Yinchuan, Ningxia. The Chinese provincial government has appointed governors from the Muslim Hui ethnic minority, designated Idul Fitri and Sacrifice Day as holidays, constructed more than 300 mosques and built a slaughterhouse permitting many private companies to produce halal products to facilitate the around 60,000 Muslim families in the province. JP/Ridwan Max SijabatChina’s ruling Communist Party has acknowledged the value of religious freedom, but to maintain political stability and ensure the economic development, it has never tolerated any sectarian conflicts or any foreign interference.

Deputy Director of the CPC’s (Communist Party of China) Ningxia provincial Committee, Zhang Kehong, said the Chinese government and the ruling party have allowed the nation’s 1.3 billion people to adopt any faith and facilitated them in performing their faiths, but they were required to comply with Chinese law.

He explained that the government has granted special autonomy to the Ningxia province, where 33 percent, or 60,000, of the population are Muslim, and has set Idul Fitri and the Sacrifice Day as holidays in the province. Read more

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