So-called “eyewitnesses” continue to impersonate people

A number of foreign media sources continue to spread lies and misdirection about the events in Syria, impersonating people under the guise of so-called eyewitnesses.

Ammar Agha, a Syrian surgeon from the town of Jableh, told the Syrian Satellite Channel on Sunday that one of the callers who contacted al-Jazeera on the same day impersonated him to tell lies and events that he knows nothing about in Jableh.

Agha affirmed that the voice on al-Jazeera wasn’t his own, and that he personally considers al-Jazeera a biased channel that only broadcasts bad things about Syria. He denounced the impersonation of people to spread lies, which he said can only be construed as attempts to cause sedition in Syria.

In the same context, a man identifying himself as Akram Msallam called al-Jazeera claiming to be an eyewitness and that he saw security forces in army uniforms opening fire and breaking into mosques in Jableh, and that he saw a dead body in the streets “with his own eyes,” only to contradict himself later when he said that “they called him and told him that they entered a mosque and started shooting” and that he didn’t know if there are any injuries because he is sitting on the roof of his house. Read more

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  1. Well, there may be some ‘impersonations’, but the overall situation is still clear that there is a massive military and police action against mainly peaceful demonstrators. However, there may also be truth in the government’s statement that there is outside interference. A difficult situation, may Allah guide His ummah into the right direction…

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